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  1. Hey, Jordan! :) I'm so sorry I haven't talked to you in SO long! :o I just logged onto Coldplaying for the first time in forever so I thought I'd say hi while I'm here! xD And I know I'm super late, but I was wondering what you think about Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories? :) Anyway, I hope you've been having a great summer! :D How have you been doing?

  2. Hey Jordan!! :D I am so sorry that I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!! :o But I will be sure to write you some long messages on here to catch up soon! :) But for right now I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! :dance: I hope you have an awesome one!! :nice: So, how have you been? :happy:

  3. Anyway, I think I'm going to buy Phoenix's new album now! That song "Everything Is Everything" has been stuck in my head for days! :laugh3: It's just so catchy. :dance: I've always liked Phoenix, but I really think they could definitely become one of my favourite bands! Thanks once again for sending me those songs! :D Well, I can't really recall anything else to reply to from the w.a.s.t.e. message. If only I could go back and look at it. But w.a.s.t.e. won't let me right now. Oh well. xD But if you remember something you wanted me to reply to, just let me know! :)

  4. Their music is really...different. It's rocky, quirky, guitar-oriented, and kind of bluesy. And the lead singer's voice is really unique too, some people think it's too weird, but I love it xD Another fantastic discovery I've made recently is a documentary. Have you ever heard of Muse's "Under Review" documentary? I found it on YouTube. It's 9 parts that are about 10 minutes long. It gets into everything from the very beginning of their musical endeavors, all the way to The Resistance (the documentary was apparently made before The 2nd Law). Anyway, I've only watched 7 of the 9 parts so far (because I've been so busy and I've been waiting to watch each part when I really have time to pay attention because I'm so weird xD). The only downside is that each one tends to get cut off abruptly at the end when someone's in mid-sentence. :/ But other than that, I've loved it! :D It might be something more known than I thought, but I felt like I'd found buried treasure when I came across it! xD

  5. I actually bought one of their albums...back in 2009, I want to say it was...? :thinking: It's their Wolfgang Amadeus album. I love it, too, but now that I've listened to more of their music I'm amazed at how diverse their music can be! It's just awesome! :D I'm trying my best to recall what else I needed to reply to from the w.a.s.t.e. message but my mind is going blank at the moment. :( Hopefully I'll think of it later on as I type. :rolleyes: But speaking of bands, I've recently become obsessed with The White Stripes. They've been out for a long time so I'm pretty late in discovering them. They actually broke up in 2011. But I just recently discovered them because I randomly decided to learn how to play their song "Seven Nation Army" on guitar, and that caused me to look into more of their stuff, and now I'm obsessed! xD Do you know them? :)

  6. Hey! :) I just went to reply to your message on w.a.s.t.e. and it said "Sorry! We're under maintenance right now." and would not allow me onto the site! :surprised: So I thought I'd just try to reply to what I could remember on here instead, since I don't know when w.a.s.t.e. will be back up. :angry: But oh well, it's no big deal really. I like Coldplaying anyway. :laugh3: But firstly, thank you for sending me those Phoenix songs!! I absolutely LOVED them all! Everything is Everything is ridiculously catchy!! :dance: And that amazing live version of 1901 at Bonnaroo in 2010 was absolutely EPIC! Such a fantastic live performance! OMG!! :D Entertainment and Trying To Be Cool were also awesome songs!! :heart: And Bourgeois was also epic! Really, I loved them all. And I love that guy's voice! His singing voice is amazing, and his French accent when he speaks is just too adorable!! :wacko: That's so cool that you're going to get to see them live! It's gonna be TOO awesome! :wacky:

  7. Yeah, honestly Muse being involved in the soundtrack is the main reason I want to see it. I just always think it's interesting to see how they use songs I love in movies. :D I even watched that goofy Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day because Uprising was in the preview, I had no other reason to watch it. :lol: Then they didn't even play it in the movie at all. :angry: :laugh3: But in all seriousness, I actually think the preview to World War Z looks pretty cool (especially with Isolated System playing the whole time :lol:). :wacky: Plus I heard that apparently Matt Bellamy was reading the World War Z novel awhile back and it supposedly really inspired him in writing a lot of the album. :surprised: That's great your birthday was good. And yeah that's great too--I'm sure the trips planned over the summer will totally beat a big celebration the day of anyway. :)

  8. I thought the movie was great! :D And yes, Quinto and Cumberbatch were fantastic. I agree on the actor who plays Kirk though...kinda obnoxious. :uhoh: Speaking of movies though, I'm anxious to go see World War Z! :awesome: My brother in law told me it wasn't too great, but I still want to see it. Have you heard anything about it? Oh and happy (extremely) late birthday! Hope you had a good day. :)

  9. I was finally able to see Into Darkness the other day. :awesome: Did you ever get the chance to see it?

  10. Have you seen some of the pictures from Muse's stadium tours? Those concerts looked absolutely INCREDIBLE!! :stunned: I can't believe those lucky people got Dead Star, Feeling Good, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Bliss, Blackout, Plug In Baby and so many other amazing songs! I would not trade the setlist I got...I LOVED my setlist, but I must say I'm jealous of those people for getting those songs. :heart: But then again everything they do live is just so amazing that I'd be crying and cheering like a weirdo no matter what they played. :lol: Somebody told me that one of my favourite bands, Broken Bells, was touring this year, but it turned out not to be true. :disappointed: But oh well, I'm confident The Airborne Toxic Event will announce a tour date near me at some point soon, so I'll get to go to another amazing concert soon anyway, I'm sure! :dance: What about you? Are there any more concerts you're planning on going to this year? :wideeyed:

  11. Anyway, I'm sorry for venting to you about all that. :( But on an unrelated funny note, my mom has been absolutely, completely and totally, insanely obsessed with Radiohead lately! After all these years she finally discovered YouTube and she's been watching tons of Radiohead stuff. I never would have thought that my mom would one day have seen more Radiohead videos than I have, but I think she has now! :lol: Every day, she's all telling me about some random interview she's watched with them or something. I'm glad she loves them but gosh she's obsessed! :laugh3: Speaking of the awesomeness of Radiohead, my mom gave me money for my birthday to go on a much-needed band merch shopping spree and so far I've found some totally amazing Radiohead shirts! One of them is for the song How To Disappear Completely. It's so beautiful. :awesome:

  12. It's really feeling like summer here already! Haha, I know what you mean about the humidity. I have insanely curly hair so I have to battle frizz on a daily basis, thanks to humidity, too! xD Your usual summers consisting of staying up till 3am, waking up at 2pm, going on the computer, eating, and repeating actually sounds really fun!! xD Sleeping, eating & the internet are 3 of my favorite things! :nod: Well recently my grandfather passed away from cancer. :( So I went to his funeral on the 1st of June and have spent the last week visiting family. I decided to skip out on one of the graduation parties I'm invited to this weekend because I'm just pretty much emotionally exhausted from everything and I'd rather just stay home and try to get back to normal instead of going out and pretending to be normal. But on the bright side, music is helping me through it all, as always. I'll get back to normal eventually.

  13. Haha, thanks! :awesome: Playing Plug In Baby on guitar is too much fun! xD Pretty recently I've learned Muscle Museum on acoustic guitar, too. :D I stumbled upon this awesome acoustic version of the song Muse did and I just had to learn it! And don't worry, you'll learn the guitar someday! And it's actually really not too hard. I had some difficulty at first but once you get used to it it's like you hardly even have to think about it, and sooner or later it just starts to feel natural and comes pretty easily. :D I looked up T.A.T.E. tour dates but haven't seen anything for Texas yet. I'll keep my eye on the tour dates though and if they do announce tour dates anywhere near me, I'll jump on those tickets for sure!! :laugh3: Speaking of bands, do you know or like Biffy Clyro? (I'm sorry if I've already asked you this, I can't remember :rolleyes:) Recently I've been totally obsessed with their song Many Of Horror. I love how you can tell how Scottish the guy is when he sings! :wacky:

  14. Hey! :) I'm sorry for how insanely late I'm replying. These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. :stunned: Oh and thanks for checking on me during all of the tornadoes happening in my area. My neighborhood got torn up pretty badly in some parts, but thank goodness my house is still here. It was so sad all of the animals who got separated from their owners during the storms, but we were able to form a small volunteer group to search for the animals and we ended up finding most of them and reuniting them with their owners. :happy: Sadly though, my donkey and one of my cats disappeared during the first day of the storms and I haven't been able to find them. That was two weeks ago now so I guess they're gone for good. :cry: One person in my community was killed during the tornadoes and several were injured, but nothing like those poor people in Oklahoma. I can't believe all those tornadoes! :o But anyway...I'll get on a happier note in the coming messages.

  15. Sorry for my lateness, but I just read your review! :D I'm so thrilled that you got Dead Star!! :dazzled: Bliss must have been super awesome, too!! :wacky: Plug In Baby is another one I always thought would be epic to get. It's just got such a great energy for a concert. :dance: I'm sorry that the setlist wasn't entirely what you had hoped for though. But at least you got Dead Star. :wacko: Was Dead Star your favorite of all from the concert? It must have been totally amazing!! :awesome: I'd been looking at spoilers and pictures from the stadium shows all week and the stages looked pretty bloody epic!!!! :o It must have been absolutely incredible in person! Anyway, I'm really glad you got to see them live. So, despite the songs that you'd rather not have gotten, and just looking back on the concert as a whole, was it about what you expected or better or what? :wideeyed:

  16. I'm assuming that all of the awesomeness just killed you...?? :laugh3: :awesome:

  17. OMG really?? :surprised: That would be so bloody amazing if Biffy Clyro did play Opposites in full as well as all its b-sides! It would be too awesome. :awesome: But back to your upcoming concert...TODAY'S THE DAY...:bomb: Hope you have a fantastic time!!!! :dance:

  18. Sorry you had to see some details you'd rather not have seen about songs played in Coventry. But at least you don't know about the special stage design and also I'm thinking you probably will get some epic song surprises. :awesome: For some reason, I have a good feeling you'll get Dead Star, too! Don't know why, I just feel you will. :D Off the subject, but for an early birthday present, I now finally have my own copy of Biffy Clyro's Opposites. :dance: I'm so happy, it's so great!! :wacky: I also got some Keane & Kasabian CDs. I can't remember if I've ever asked you, but do you like either of those bands? But back to Muse...OMG I cannot believe that your concert is SO SOON!!!!! :o I hope to hear all about it afterwards!! That's so cool you're going to try to stand really close to the b-stage to be close to the band! That'll be so bloody amazing!! :wacko: I hope you have the best time!! : )

  19. OMG that is too exciting!!!! :awesome: Have you managed to keep away from spoilers, I hope? :laugh3:

  20. It's no problem at all! :nice: I've been super busy with school and stuff too, so I totally understand. : ) Happy belated birthday to you!! :cake: I hope you had a great day. :D And OMG yes I LOVE The Killers!! :dance: That's so cool you got to see them! I would imagine that they would be absolutely amazing live! Did they play all your favorite songs? :) As for how I've been lately, I'm doing quite well, thanks! :D I just rescued another kitty recently. She's such a sweetie! :heart: I've just basically been trying to keep up with school lately...all the usual stuff...nothing too exciting. :rolleyes: I am very excited for summer though! And my birthday's just a little over a week away. :cool: So what about you? Any plans for the summer? :)

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