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  1. I've been to a few different shows and I honestly don't think that the crowd in Paris was very loud apart from as you said the end of the scientist and maybe on Viva...
  2. Oh shit !! Thanks for the reply I'll try elsewhere then !!
  3. Hey pleaaase guys I need your help with this website : http://www.livenation.nl/event/273321/coldplay-2012-tickets I don't understand are there any tickets left ? Any kind of tickets I am not bothered ...
  4. Ah, cool! :D It was really nice meeting you too! Also hope to see you again :D

  5. Yep you got my name right !! Nice meeting you yesterday and that is so cool that you had your eye contact moment with Chris :D Hope to see you again ;)

  6. I just want to thank Jonny for having an AWESOME SEXY butt that distracted me during that Chris and Rihanna holding hands thing at Paris yesterday !! Yes I missed that part because ....hmm I better not say anything about what was going on my mind ... Jonny's butt I LOVE YOU !!!!
  7. Did anyone manage to get the setlist from last night I really want to know if skipping a Warining Sign and playing PoC twice was a last minute plan or not ?
  8. Just got back here's the main highlights I'll try to write more details later I am really tired right now : -two wristbands -princess of china twice -paradise twice :) -chris shirtless twice !! -No warning sign :(
  9. Hey Craig I am sorry but you'll be at gate H I was wrong :P I'm waiting at gate R as well ! And I just met coerli :)
  10. She's the luckiest girl in the world even tho I think she doesnt even realize it !!!
  11. Coucou tt le monde !!! Pareil jai trop hâte pour dimanche je serais en porte R avec des amies (merci raphaele) !! Vous comptez y aller vers quelle heure ? Moi j'hésite surtout que le SDF c'est vrmnt loin et avc les stations de metro en travaux ça va être la galère !!
  12. Thank you so much for the ticket exchange, see you on September 2nd! :-))

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