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  1. Guys, so they've added people, and he's no longer on there. His name was also taken out of the old announcement. I thought I would say something since I guess I'm the first to notice?
  2. Everybody sounds so excited! :daisy: Yay!! The sky is exploding with rainbows.
  3. I was really sad because I was supposed to be in London today... Anyway, it will be alright. I think hearing Miracles is like a sign from the universe. :hug: It's beautiful and there's a bright path ahead. Anything is possible. :flutterby: I need to believe.
  4. Yes, I'm high... on life. :) What can I say? My head is full of dreams and I'm up floating with the stars. :ghoststories: Anything is possible up here.
  5. Hopefully we will hear Miracles on the 12th! Coldplay should announce it any day now. :daisy:
  6. A Head Full of Dreams will be "colorful and bright". The world needs more brightness I think. If LP7 is anything like A Sky Full of Stars I will love it. Finding the light within yourself when darkness surrounds you... is a mature message. This is an amazing direction to go and has my full support.
  7. No problem. :) It's shipped directly from Amazon and has Coldplay + Miracles in the description.
  8. The soundtrack comes out on the 15th, though they may release Miracles earlier on iTunes?
  9. No, I pre-ordered the actual cd off Amazon. I don't know why it's not listed on iTunes.
  10. ^^ I pre-ordered the soundtrack just because Miracles finishes it! It'd be nice if it arrived early! Anyway, only one more week to go!! :) Who's excited?!
  11. Look at all the stars! It's so pretty. I wonder what the next tour will look like!
  12. ^^^ Anything is possible. They wouldn't want to say it will definitely be next year even if will because then people will expect it and be sad if it doesn't happen.
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