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  1. I believe so. Usually someone is lucky enough to get a pair. Shows how difficult it was this time.
  2. Well, that was disappointing. Got the dropdown menu a couple of times but had no luck in getting any further...
  3. 10 minutes to go. Good luck everyone! Keep calm and be patience!
  4. Multiple devices and especially apps would normally be the way to go since the app sometimes runs on a different server. I wouldn't try it this time though. I'm pretty sure the site gets confused if you use the same code on multiple devices and could easily just kick you out of any queue, ruining your chances right from the start. I was wondering the same thing. Since your local internet is definitely going to be faster than any VPN it could easily make the difference. Needing a VPN would mean that gigsandtours is checking your location based on your IP and I just don't think that's g
  5. Just got my code aswell. Fun times ahead indeed. Cant wait for tomorrow morning. From past experience I can advice anyone to pre-register on gigsandtours and pre-save your credit card info. Do not refresh the page when you get put into a queue. Be ready at 9:30 and don't give up. I got my ticket for the RAH show half an hour after the sale had begun and "Sold out" because some payments didn't went through and tickets got back online. IT'S NOT SOLD OUT WHEN IT'S SAYS SOLD OUT! Can't stress this enough, patience is key. Following this got me into every coldplyay show I tried to get ticket
  6. If anyone on here from the UK is lucky enough to get a pair of tickets and is looking for someone to come along. I'll be your guy! :)
  7. True words. Kind of a sad day today. It has been an amazing ride.
  8. Stagetime has been changed to 10 pm due to pyro still not set up. [MEDIA=instagram]BbNNSp7FgPM[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://instagram.com/p/BbNNSp7FgPM/ Gesendet mit Tapatalk
  9. Q at Gate D. There were much more people waiting at the other gates. Lucky me i guess. Gesendet mit Tapatalk
  10. Brace yourself Paris, I'm on my way. Gesendet mit Tapatalk
  11. If you are entering the stadium together with your +1 it should be fine. It's enough if one name on the ticket matches one person. I don't expect them to check your ID anyway. And how dare your boyfriend brake up with you. He's missing one hell of a concert and braking up with a Coldplay fan should be forbidden by law anyway. If you ask me, he sounds like a real loser. Gesendet mit Tapatalk
  12. Miracles (Someone Special) being performed for the first time right now! Gesendet mit Tapatalk
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