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  1. well speaking of that Shiver performance, here's the full session just watched it, good stuff
  2. there's something so cursed about the late 00s moving from film and tape to digital distribution. We have these amazing high quality sessions from 99-03 and then all of VLV is bitcrushed 240p from BBC iPlayer or some other service that didn't think far enough ahead.
  3. A Ghost Moses if that counts Whatever the original version of ALIENS was during VLV/MX Maybe So Sad just because we got a taste of it and that was all.
  4. Proof is what I imagine Coldplay sounds like to people who hated Coldplay in the 00s
  5. Got this framed finally, if anyone knows where I can get an original lithograph of the other 3 let me know. The new "lithographs" are pretty bogus. Sorry about the angle, trying to not appear in the reflection lol
  6. This one slipped by me until now, amazing quality for the time https://youtu.be/fulQv0bpZZw
  7. Negativity is our specialty here. Really though, song is fine. If it was playing on shuffle I wouldn't step out of the shower to change it, but just barely. More than I can say about a handful of post VLV. I would put this under Orphans. My biggest gripe is Johnny once again is woefully underutilized. Really everyone is on this. Kick Chris (nothing personal) and these producers (very personal) out for another year.
  8. I read some of the comments on social media about the new track from what seems like younger fans (do they "stan" Chris now? lol) and it made me think...do they get teased in school about liking Coldplay? That used to be a rite of passage.
  9. I'm probably too late but if you're still looking for a buyer I'd love to have them. Also do we have a lithograph thread somewhere? I've been dying to find a few.
  10. Chris's voice really sounds great when he doesn't have to do 200 shows in 3 years
  11. Church was my LEAST favorite track lol, In fact I like every track aside from that, and maybe Orphans but it's still catchy.
  12. you could really just slide in prospekts march on this album and no one would notice
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