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  1. Hey, Katja! :) I'm doing fine, thank you!It's my last year in school.I'm in 12th grade now.At the end of it all graduates have a prom.There's a big fuss around it-dresses,hair-styles, shoes...I find it a little more. :/ I understand what situation you were in!I have a forthcoming exam in November.It's called IELTS and it's a certificate which shows your English level.If I pass it,I'll have a guarantee place in English-speaking universities in Europe.I want to study in Holland. By foreign year do you mean a gap year?In school we have a volunteer from Berlin who teaches German to 8 and 9 graders. Oh, also I started my driving lessons.In Bulgaria there are 31 lessons in which you practise your driving and after they pass you're able to sit the practical test.If you pass it then you get a driving licence.Have you got Facebook or Twitter or Skype?We can write to each other there,as I'm not so active on the forum as I was before and I use these social medias normalerweiser jeden Tag. :D

  2. Hello, Raphaele! How have you been doing lately? :) I'm sorry I didn't write to you in so long! :( But since I'm not so active in the forum anymore I suggest we can write to each other through another media which we both use, if you want to. :)

  3. bubble1

    The song Game!

    A Song About Love - Jake Bugg
  4. I finished the book [To Kill a Mockingbird] today. It really touched me and I can with no doubt say that's one of the best books I've ever read. You know that feeling after reading a book - when you don't want the book to stop and you want to read more and more... I had the same feeling about To Kill a Mockingbird. And in order to make the good impresion last longer I'm gonna watch the movie which is said to be a classic! :) I highly recommend this book! It's just some 2 hundred pages, not so much so you can read it whenever you can! It's worth it! :)
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    The song Game!

    Dakota - Stereophonics
  6. London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years
  7. bubble1

    The song Game!

    Little Birds - Tift Merritt
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