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    The song Game!

    Riverside - Agnes Obel
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - haven't finished it yet, but I can say its plot is interesting and grabbing. I'm sure that the end won't disappoint me. :)
  3. That's pretty cool - I mean living on an island! :) You travel by plane to visit him, right? Or you take a ship? Both means of transportation are interesting to go with! ^_^ Thank you so much for the invitation! :hug: It's pretty good idea and I will take advantage of it when I come to Paris one day! It will be pleasure for me to see each other! :happy: I adore travelling too! :) I want to visit as much places as I can! Thailand? Nice! I have an acquaintance the same age as me who studies there and she is quite satisfied with the education. :) I'm sure it'll be a fascinating place to visit! I wish you from now - have a great time in Thailand and enjoy the country to the fullest! :sunny:

  4. Happy Easter! :) I wish health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family! How did you spend the holiday? :) Your brother lives in Spain? I was on an excursion there - specifically to Barcelona and Madrid. I literally fell in love with those cities! I really want to live in a big city as mine (Haskovo) is small... So the trip was organised by the school where I study - Foreign Language School. It was one unforgettable one week! We visited not only Spain, but also Italy (Milano) and France - Monaco + Monte Carlo and Cannes. I love the beach in Cannes! That's really cool! :) I like better letters - it's more genuine and some kind of magical. :) And you can save those letters and reread them when you want to! :) Wish you nice weekend too. :daisy: :)

  5. It's Eastern holiday, isn't it? :) In Bulgaria we have only 4 days vacation - this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It's a pity it's so short. :( Nevermind, rest well during the vacation! Are you going anywhere then? :) It's good to hear everything is alright with you! :) Yes, my family and I are coping with job/school at the moment, thanks for asking! :) I love the idea of having a pen-friend! :) You can learn a lot of new stuff! :) What's your opinion? ^_^

  6. Hey! :) It's okay, I had stressful time lately too. :/ I just have so little free time and I can't manage to be online for a long time. :/ Apart from that, everything is fine with me. :) Especially the last week - I was on a trip with school to Spain! :) We visited Madrid and Barcelona and I literally fell in love with these cities mostly with the former! <3 I remember how last year I was hoping there would be an excursion to Germany and we could see each other. :) Unfortunately there wasn't any trip to your country but if there was I would immediately write to you and we could finally meet. :) So how about you? Did you visit some countries and how is everything going with you? ^_^

  7. Hello, Raphaele! I'm really sorry I didn't get in touch with you earlier but I had tense months lately - lots of homework mostly... :/ I hope I'll be more constant here now, even though I have some more busy weeks until June when school ends. :) I really missed being on the forum! I hope everything is going fine with you! :) Greetings, Marieta :)

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