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  1. Holy shit, new pics! ahh, I have been away from this thread too long!
  2. ^ Yea its two grand but with everything offered (car service both ways is $200) or more with tip depending on the vehicle. NY is just expensive but this groupon deal is actually good! Lucky who got to buy it-will get a good trip and get to meet gp.
  3. Imagine Dragons: Amsterdam (pretty much the whole album, really good!) The Lumineers: Stubborn Love Atlas Genius: Symptoms
  4. ^ I have always loved that gif, first him shaking his leg & then his socks :P Old pic ;)
  5. ^hahahahha LOL. I think that is everyone standing next to him!
  6. I know :sneaky: He totally makes out with them.
  7. holy crap he looks fine :o like always but damn. And he seems to care nothing that he is next to a cheetah lol. Is this a new pic?
  8. running behind Guy in a marathon would actually encourage me to finish the damn thing- just saying ;)
  9. lets keep the hotness going, b.c Guy has way too much
  10. Holy crap! Those gifs-wtf this man can do anything and I lose my shit! I have never wanted to be a snack more (peanut whatever the hell he is eating) ;).. or behind that tent!
  11. This never gets old.. and this Oh, Guy your face your face ;)
  12. LOL at those gifs^^^ Alright J- you know you can't resist like the rest of us :laugh3:
  13. ^ LOL hahah we need more pictures- preferably :P shirt less pictures
  14. The many face's of Guy from tumblr :D
  15. ^ LOL. During hurts like heaven in Brooklyn me and my sister were screaming bloody murder and he kept looking over towards us and did that wide eye thing and smiled. Also he looked at us when he saw our banner. CM looking at you is pretty intense lol, I have the video also but my screams are awful
  16. Ok Ladies, So I was right in front of J and I did keep my eyes on him for awhile -Chris is all over the place and ofcourse my eyes kept leading to Guy ;), he is so awesome. He smiled and giggled at my crazy fan girling. I kept calling his name b/c all the boys should feel appreciated because they each have something that makes us love them as a group. Also, he is very handsome ;)
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