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  1. Yeah obviously if we can get this going for other countries then someone who will designate themselves as the 'leader' if you like for the pre meet-up before the gig will determine everything. Gig date, venue, time of meet up, place of meet up, and to make sure that people don't get lost they could give each other numbers on private messages. I don't know, just an idea regardless :)
  2. Fair point, just used that as an example. It would be up to the organisers for every country to determine which gig they all go to and meeting times. So what do we all think good idea or not?
  3. Hello is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eues, I can see it in your smileeee :D Now THAT is brilliant :O
  4. Coldplayers on tour... Can I get it going worldwide? :D
  5. Right guys I was walking back from Sainsbury's this morning when I had a brilliant idea for when Coldplay go on their next tour.. Basically it's called 'Coldplayers on tour' - in every country that Coldplay gig, all of the Coldplayers that are going to that gig basically go together as one massive unit. It would be up to the Coldplayers in every country to determine what venue they all go to, meeting points etc. and I was thinking this could sprawl onto Twitter as well to get more people to go, with separate pages being run by a designated leader! Here's an example of what it could be like
  6. I know I have been on and off this so much :O silly me. Hi everybody! *Dr Nick from the Simpsons accent*
  7. Saturday night fever What do you daydream about?
  8. Papa was a rolling stone/Killer - George Michael live 1992/3
  9. Absolutely - Story of a girl Call me maybe?
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