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  1. dunno if it's been mentioned yet, but for those who might be looking for an easier version to play Green Eyes: try downloading the acoustic set played at the Martini Ranch nightclub (look in the multimedia section of this forum). Chris and Jonny simply play G - D - Am, and in the chorus they go Am - C - G - D. (well I think anyway, I'm not really a genius, so feel free to correct). Also, they happened to play Green Eyes in Antwerp yesterday, with Guy on acoustic guitar, and he used yet another chord sequence (again, with basic chords). I didn't try to memorize it because I was focusing on the beauty of the song, though :)
  2. are you using mozilla firefox? it doesn't work in firefox
  3. It's the studio version of The Scientist, but played in reverse. In the spirit of the video. It's just the recording, the band doesn't play, they take position on the front of the stage for Til Kingdom Come and Don't Panic.
  4. That man has just lost all of his credibility.
  5. Unfortunately I don't know German :rolleyes: It's Dutch ;) Since the person who started this thread is Dutch, I thought I'd show her our great site :)
  6. check http://www.coldplayfans.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1069 :)
  7. Kapone for president ;) thanks man! Do you work all of those out by yourself or do you get some from the official guitar books (like Green Eyes e.g.)?
  8. "This page is a candidate for speedy deletion." Oh really? Once you get 'too big' as a band, you're going to get, as they say in America, 'haters'. People who just hate that band for the sake of hating, because it's always cool to say "yeah man, they suck, coz they're like, way too f'ing big". Whatever jackasses, go listen to some heavy metal whores who pretend to be alternative. Enjoy! My 2 cents :lol:
  9. Can anybody actually believe that they didn't play What If? I mean Chris has often said it's the best song he's ever written. Then something must be seriously wrong if they don't play it. There MUST be an explanation for this.
  10. aah hell I've been looking for that all over the net, even asked debs on the official site's q&a when it'd be broadcast but she wouldn't answer... so thx :)
  11. Yeah pretty cool. I'm happy Chris didn't point that mike at me, cause I would've raped the song :P But you should've heard her bragging about it afterwards... :rolleyes:
  12. wat een afgang niwaar? :P 't is zo slecht dat het lachwekkend wordt eigenlijk...
  13. OH GREAT! gwen stefani! haven't heard this song before.... btw this crappy announcer just said there's one more song to come If I knew back then how much he'd screw up, I'd have kicked him in the balls or something ok sry for the prophanities but I'm extremely disappointed
  14. You'll get Yellow, don't worry. And The Scientist as well prolly. This transmission just SUCKS. As I was one of the lucky ones there, I was hoping for the whole concert to be broadcast, so I could have that amazing experience on tape, but these f*cks sure know how to spoil the fun. They fill up 2 hours, which is MOOORE than enough to broadcast the entire show, with Madonna and Alicia Keys, bullsh*t, and ridiculous questions. Thanks a lot asses.
  15. lots of people are, don't worry
  16. Looks like my fav radiostation here in tiny little Belgium is about to acquire everlasting universal fame among Coldplayfans :smug: ... or either they'll screw up and only broadcast snippets of every song :P but I'm confident they'll do it the right way. It's a good station, possibly the best we have here. p.s. I've read people apologising for not speaking Dutch. Last time I checked, still only 20 million people in this world speak Dutch, so please don't apologise, it's not a sin. If you need a translation on something I'll do my best, but I'm studying right now so I prolly won't answer. 1 hour and 7 minutes!!
  17. They can't possibly play all tracks. "Finally, the new Coldplay has arrived. You've already had little taste of it, in the form of the single Speed Of Sound, but this sunday you will get to know to what extent X&Y is a worthy follow-up to AROBTTH. Dave and Joost will subject the songs to a profound analysis and formulate their personal opinion. blabla yadayada..." that's more or less what's said there. Is it possible to play 13 tracks from start to finish AND give analysis and arguments? I think not. btw the way that Joost Zwegers dude is a pretty f*ckin good musician himself, so his analysis will be rather accurate (although a bit biased maybe, because he's a big Coldplay fan himself). His band is called Novastar, and I suggest you immediatelly look for the songs 'Wrong', 'The best is yet to come', and 'When the lights go down on the broken hearted'. http://www.novastar.be :D
  18. Keep in mind: she never said she doesn't like Coldplay.
  19. You never felt inclined to give ANY of their songs a little spin? I fell out of love with Nirvana a few years back, but that's because I was a stupid, insecure little teenager when I was a fan of theirs. I still listen to some of their best songs from time to time. I could never get tired of Coldplay.
  20. That 'copy controlled' logo would be a disgrace to the cover design. Imagine a beautiful person with like a huuuge spot on her/his nose or something. That's what it would seem like. I personally don't care whether it will or will not be copy-controlled, I'm for sure buying it any way, and that's just that stupid record company's business, but I couldn't live with a stupid, pointless logo spoiling a great cover.
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