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  1. omg there someone from Uruguay :cheesy: Uruguay Viva La Vida
  2. Specifically in Latin America, I think I would suggest more places than the classic Rio, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, México City and so on. I think we deserve to have a bit of a special treatment, specially because of all the time we've had to wait. What's more, travelling within Latin America is a lot more expensive than travelling within Europe; and it goes without saying that our purchasing power over here is lower. I think my suggestions would be the capitals in South America (Caracas, Bogotá, Quito, Lima, La Paz, Santiago, Asunción, Montevideo, Buenos Aires) and in Brazil, apart from
  3. I sincerely hope science and technology allow us to do that some day! JUST IMAGINE IT it would solve almost every single thing HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA That's brilliant
  4. Yeah, I don't blame your for that. I am completely sure I'd be quite like you if I were a woman. Of course, that makes sense And that story is brilliant, thanks for that! Ugh even if you pull the lesbian card they'd probably go like "that's just cause you've never been treated properly" or something :angry: Hahahahahah that would be quite fucked up And female spiders usually eat males after mating, don't they?
  5. Well, shit. I feel so :uhoh: about what you just said, like JEEZ WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO US HOW DID WE GET TO SUCH A POINT, and that gets worse when I really don't know what I can do about it. Honestly, I -as a person but also as a man- don't know how the hell I can help get those stupid freaks in their fucking place. This makes me feel so powerless and stupid. Just ugh.
  6. I feel ashamed I didn't know about this thread It's brilliant, this thread
  7. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING WTF :awesome: And I feel glad that a lot of others experience it too. To be honest I'm amazed. I get it when I'm just lying in my bed, relaxing. Never got it with voices (I get so angry when I hear whispers) but I have got it with some songs. Btw that beans video, Batman SDFKADJFLKASDFASDLKJFAS :wacky:
  8. I feel like a little kid here I'm 17
  9. Found this site and it looks useful for this thread http://you.regettingold.com
  10. Why should we get away from boobs? Boobs are great man
  11. omg why does he have no nipples? :uhoh:
  12. ^Brilliant, sounds like fun :|
  13. oooh well I'm sure you'll come up with something
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