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  1. I have gone to multiple torrents and file sharing sites, they all tell me I need to download software... Could someone please send me a link for the bonus tracks that dosent require me to download software?? EDIT: Thanks Guys :)
  2. Yea could someone get me a pm?
  3. Really only a few small gripes... I'm picky but at the first "put yourself into me" in another's arms, Chris' voice f**ks up a little bit Also those dissonant notes in Jonnys solo in true love are a little unsettling... But I'm sure ill appreciate them wih more listens And yeah the lyrics aren't brilliant the entire album.... The only line that is really really bad is the first one in Ink. 2gether thru life... That's just painful
  4. O - 10/10 Always in My Head - 10/10 Midnight - 10/10 Magic - 10/10 A Sky Full of Stars - 10/10 Oceans - 9.5/10 True Love - 9.5/10 Another's Arms - 9/10 Ink - 9/10 Overall - 9.7 Just for refrence... MX - 10 Viva = Ghost Stories 9.7 AROBTTH 9.6 X&Y 9.2 Parachutes 8.9
  5. WarningSign42

    True Love

    My link isn't working :s
  6. WarningSign42

    True Love

    To quote Oliver Twist: Please sir, can I have a PM?
  7. This song is amazing! Not the best coldplay song but defintetly not the worst. Jonny is amazing even though he's a little drowned out by the synths. I'm not really a fan of EDM in general, but I think the production fits the song really well. What's great about this song, I think, is that (this will sound cheesy) it has the ability to make you feel really happy. ASFOS is great because of that.
  8. O > Midnight = Always in My Head > Anothers Arms = Magic = Oceans = ASFOS
  9. Oops... I feel stupid they just sounded so alike... I might've jumped to conclusions too quickly! :D
  10. ^yeah that's definetly the same chord progression... And the same key and tempo I bet that's during the verse parts
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