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  1. aaaaccckkk... I really need tickets... does anyone know if the view from section 119 really sucks?
  2. does anyone have any tickets to sell? I'm going to be down visiting family at the end of October (for my birthday on the 30th).. and must see the boys!!! i'm excited... since they never come this far east in Canada... thanks!
  3. ok.. here's a random thought... or, er observation? (mostly I couldn't find the thread I wanted, so I'm posting in this one.) I was watching Extras, and noticed that "Greatest Hits" was supposed to be released on the "17th of this month".. which is when VLV will be released in my neck of the woods.. anyways, something small, but thought it was an interesting coincidence...
  4. Ok, my list is limited... but here goes: Wintersleep - Welcome to the Night Sky (so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Feist - The Reminder A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea K.T. Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic Arcade Fire - Neon Bible Ok, those are mine, I guess... (but seriously, everyone listen to Wintersleep..!) I wish I could use all of my votes for them!
  5. took too long to make! seems appropriate (just kidding... they can take as long as they need...) ;)
  6. Hey, I know this is an old topic, but I just got youtube and figured I'd post a vid of me handing Chris my phone at the Junos in Halifax. you can see my wide silver thumb ring with the phone handing it to him around the three min mark.. hope you enjoy! :)
  7. Man, I'd forgotten how amazing they are live. I'd take a live album over a produced one anytime. aawww... when they started singing Fix You at the concerts I always got sad cause I knew it was over... and now the same thing is happening on the tele! I'm so sappy over my boys :)
  8. ya man.... they all signed the back of my parachutes vinyl... with a message from chris (hehe, no pun intended) so the special is pretty good... it's good to see the concert from different viewpoints (as the two times I saw it, it was from right in front of the stage)... i hope they still use the footage from other shows... they did a lot of taping!! it'd be such a waste to not use it...
  9. D'oh! I'm still pissed they aren't releasing the DVD... I was looking forward to seeing myself talking to Chris and Guy outside of the Juno awards (some chick taped it and then asked if it was ok to put on the DVD) Oh well, a tv special is better than no coldplay at all, am I right?
  10. shaved head!!! oh yea! This is what I've been waiting for... any pics from the award show?
  11. Hmmm... when the boys were comming out of the arena in my town, my mom and sister and I were waiting for them (with about three other people). I saw the band go into the arena for soundcheck and realized while waiting for them to come back out that Chris had cut his hair. I mumbled something about this out loud... little did I know that when they came out later, my mom would yell "Chris, take off your hoodie so we can see your haircut". He just smiled and mumbled something about it being too messy or something... Ya, that was a bit embarassing...
  12. could someone please post the pic of chris singing onstage bending over backwards... its in black and white... i've tried looking but there are sooooo many pics and i can't go through every page... thanks guys!
  13. I started reading Orwell due to a British Lit class I was in. It was a more obscure Orwell than 1984 or Animal Farm (called "Comming up for Air")... but it was a really great read! Then I got into more of his stuff. He is a phenominal writer... I reccommend all of his stuff. And I was reluctant to read 1984 because of it's popularity... but it's definitly one of my top five books. Read Orwell! Any Orwell! :)
  14. Mistress of Spices (by the chick who did "Bend it like Beckham" and "Bride and Prejudice")... 9/10
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