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  1. I was in HMV the other day and in their Coldplay section there is something that says Coldplay Concert DVD Coming Fall 2006... there is still hope
  2. according to a few on the coldplay.com board HMV is saying it is still coming out and have gone as far as advertising "Coldplay Concert Fall 2006" In their Coldplay sections
  3. has anyone else had a chance to hear this yet??? if you havn't definatly take the time out of your life.. it's a very very solid record
  4. they played Green Eyes.. wow.. I reallly relaly really hope that contunes through out the NA touring (crosses fingers until March 22nd)
  5. I tried and tried... but there no way one could truly experience the great depth of Coldplay with a hits package lol... therefore if you ask me the Best of set is 4 albums... All 3 albums and one for the best of the bsides
  6. I recommend to be safe have 100 dollars saved up
  7. this wasn't easy.... except for the top 2 1} The Scientist 2} Clocks (probaly the greatest two tracks ever to go together on an album) 3} Yellow 4} A Message 5} Politik 6} Green Eyes 7} Swallowed in the Sea 8} Don't Panic 9} Til Kingdom Come 10} Amsterdamn honourable mention goes to: Shiver, Everything's not Lost, Life is for Living, See You Soon, and the rest of A Rush of Blood to the Head
  8. 1} A Message 2} Swallowed in the Sea 3} Til Kingdom Come 4} Low 5} Fix You 6} Talk 7} Hardest Part 8} Speed of Sound 9} Twisted Logic 10} What If 11} Square One 12} White Shadows 13} X&Y
  9. ACC March 22nd.. on sale November 19th (saturday) I'm a hyappy man March 25th is my birthday... already have an early 20th birthday present from my favourite band
  10. theres 26 dates.. you still have hope
  11. personally Talk is a good choice for me because it isn't one of my favourites... that way one of my favourite songs won;t be played til its dead on radio lol... so Coldplay please save A Message and Swallowed in the Sea for the ones who own the album
  12. Yes I've been really into DCFC for a while now.... the new album is very good... but DO NOT let it be your introduction to them.... check out Transatlanticism... it's one perfect album
  13. does anyone know of any??? I've been using Torrent Spy and ISO Hunt and I'm just not as pleased with them as I was a while ago... so I'm looking for recommendations
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