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  1. You can edit sounds in single mode, so if you choose Dirty "B" Organ in single mode, it's consists of layered samples and one of them is that rotary effect, think it's called "syn ghostly". The other sound is the organ where that click sound comes from.
  2. Start with Knob as Drawbar 1, then edit program and switch to these combination, B039 (Sine DWGS-Organ) and C007 (Dirty "B" Organ). You need to tweak C007 in single mode a little bit :)
  3. Amsterdam played on my MP9000, recorded trough a MOTU 828 firewire interface :) demo: https://clyp.it/cyyuhesw
  4. I bought a Triton Rack a few years ago since Im a huge Coldplay fan and love their beautiful sound, but it wasn't easy to get the fix you organ sound, I think it took like a week before I found the exact right settings in the rack. I was very close to the right sound at first but I realized that it wasn't exactly right, but a few days and hours later I found it. To give everyone a clue, you need to edit a sound in "single mode" before you add it in "combo mode". Start with "dirty b" organ sound and build it from there. I think the charm with this is to work with the unit to really learn it
  5. I think Chris has been using a real acoustic piano since Ghost Stories, think it was a Yamaha DYUS1E but it looks like they switched to a Kawai K300-ATX2 lately which they now uses for their AHFOD tour, I saw on their Instagram they actually had to tune it before a show. http://www.kawaius.com/company/Coldplay_plays_Kawai.html The piano sound I got is the one Chris used between 2001 and 2012. Here is a link with me playing it: http://picosong.com/BvQ9/ I play a short snip of Amsterdam and later switched to my triton rack and played a little bit from Fix You. Here is two links with C
  6. If you have a triton rack or triton keyboard you can work with the different sounds, for example use combi mode and scroll trough all organ sounds and you will find one that sounds similar to Fix You and then you can edit it by choosing sounds from it's single mode library, you will notice which two samples was used for the organ in Fix You :) for me it took arround two weeks to get the sound exactly right and you will learn so much more by navigating yourself trough the device
  7. These are not factory presets, you can customize the samples/sounds that comes with the triton rack in combi mode, you can find out how to use combi mode if you download the manual. Combi mode is basically a way to layer all the sounds from single mode together and adjust them the way you want :)
  8. Most sounds is from triton rack, you could probably find them and modify them in a regular triton keyboard to :)
  9. I have seen Chris use Gibraltar on many videos and pictures :) http://www.musicfactorydirect.com.au/images/productslarge/13B794F6-F628-4F36-89CE-9ACA49E3F90F_1.jpg
  10. I use it both as a MIDI controller and stand alone keyboard :) Check this link out: http://timeline.coldplay.com/roadie-42-blog-129/ Looks like they sampled the MP9000 for using it's sound with Muse Receptor for the Mylo Xyloto tour to travel with less weight.
  11. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fostex-D2424-Digital-Multitrack-Recorder-/272239772365?nav=SEARCH Presonus makes great units! :) but in terms of just outputs I think a Fostex, Tascam or Yamaha 24 track recorder is the cheapest way to go and seems to be reliable espacially Fostex.
  12. It could be possible to multi sample every single note on all velocity levels but sample every patch on the keyboard would take like a year. There are 16 patches on the keyboard, what will I get in return? Hehe :)
  13. Oh! I really want that Muse Receptor, would be lovely to insert own samples in kontakt :) It's a little bit tricky because you need to modify one sound in single mode then add it in combi mode to get it right. Have someone tried a Fostex D2424 multitrack recorder? I know Coldplay used them to transer 16 stereo tracks (8+8) via adat 1 and adat 2 in to it's internal hardisk for playback use. If you have 2 Fostex you could probably use one of them in slave mode trough adat, so they play at the same time and if you use like a Radial SW8 it will switch automatically if one Fostex unit crashes
  14. Here is a picture of my Coldplay inspired rig. I have a Kawai MP9000, Korg Triton Rack and Im thinking about getting a Muse Receptor with Kontakt, they seems to be really fast and reliable. In my keyboard rack I have a Motu MIDI Timepiece so I can send multiple MIDI signals and then everything goes into a Motu 828 MK1 interface. From there I split all my Keyboard sounds into individual stereo outputs that goes into the Behringer Eurorack Pro line mixer and from there into a DI box for PA. When I record my keboard sounds and other things I record trough a RME Fireface 802 interface (the o
  15. Oh! sorry I ment that tele deluxe and jazzmaster guitars (original) is far from expensive if you compare them to original telecasters (1951) and stratocasters (1954-1963) Is there reissues of the blonde tele deluxe? I have only seen the black and the brown ones
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