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  1. ahaha, i just logged in because i got a notification on my phone that tomorrow is my joinday (apparently a few years back i put it on my calendar?) it's incredible how much things have changed; i remember getting on here nightly and hanging out with everyone (by the way, how is everyone doing this fine summer?) i'm kinda sad that this thread is so dead; it used to be poppin! LET'S REVIVE IT WOOO THREADS THAT ARE DEAD ARE NOT DEAD, THEYRE JUST LIVIN IN MY HEAD edit: i guess i should start with how ive been, lol this summer has been super busy for me, i scrounged up enough money to go to italy for 5 weeks on a maymester with my school + 1 week by myself to wander around rome, then when i got back i helped out counseling at some sleepaway camps, then took a road trip to the mountains and just got back yesterday! also, at like 3 am last night i got a rare burst of musical inspiration and started writing lyrics and made a little guitar part to go with it, but i just realized that the guitar part i made up is pretty much just the riff from Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters so im gonna have to mix it up a bit, lol
  2. Haha, yeah their name is really long, but I love them for it; they're such a solid band! Here's one of their songs
  3. Hah, I love rediscovering old stuff like this (it's my first time back here in a while). I think now my list looks something like this: Death Cab TWIABPAIANLATD Joyce Manor Sorority Noise Modern Baseball Glocca Morra Flatsound Shakey Graves though I still am fond of all the other ones listed up there
  4. SO I DROVE HOME AT A HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR JUST TO SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FLY AND I CRASHED MY CAR INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S BACKYARD JUST TO SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO DIE (i've drifted away from coldplay into more punk stuff; i saw these guys a couple weeks ago and it was incredible) [MEDIA=bandcamp]album_id=3482340203;track_id=414925409;track_num=7[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://sororitynoise.bandcamp.com/track/blonde-hair-black-lungs
  5. How did I get so old, y'all? This Wednesday I'm gonna know whether I got into some universities or not and I'm gonna have the next four years of my life all laid out in front of me and aaahhhhhh I don't feel like I'm ready to move on; I'm still so young but I'm being pushed along and I can't even catch my breath is this what teenage angst is?
  6. *dusts off the forgotten hill* My hill?
  7. I'm an INFP myself :) MBTI is so interesting; it's really cool to learn how other people think
  8. My music taste has changed a lot in the past few months. Aside from Coldplay, I'd say my favorites are: Death Cab for Cutie The Postal Service The Fray Explosions in the Sky American Football The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die This Town Needs Guns Fleet Foxes Bon Iver
  9. To Moscow and Quickly - Deer Leap What word or phrase best describes you?
  10. Nashville, TN, USA Ladder to the Sun
  11. Wow, activity! And only 20 minutes ago! Hello!
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