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  1. ahaha, i just logged in because i got a notification on my phone that tomorrow is my joinday (apparently a few years back i put it on my calendar?) it's incredible how much things have changed; i remember getting on here nightly and hanging out with everyone (by the way, how is everyone doing this fine summer?) i'm kinda sad that this thread is so dead; it used to be poppin! LET'S REVIVE IT WOOO THREADS THAT ARE DEAD ARE NOT DEAD, THEYRE JUST LIVIN IN MY HEAD edit: i guess i should start with how ive been, lol this summer has been super busy for me, i scrounged up enough money to go
  2. Haha, yeah their name is really long, but I love them for it; they're such a solid band! Here's one of their songs
  3. Hah, I love rediscovering old stuff like this (it's my first time back here in a while). I think now my list looks something like this: Death Cab TWIABPAIANLATD Joyce Manor Sorority Noise Modern Baseball Glocca Morra Flatsound Shakey Graves though I still am fond of all the other ones listed up there
  4. SO I DROVE HOME AT A HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR JUST TO SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FLY AND I CRASHED MY CAR INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S BACKYARD JUST TO SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO DIE (i've drifted away from coldplay into more punk stuff; i saw these guys a couple weeks ago and it was incredible) [MEDIA=bandcamp]album_id=3482340203;track_id=414925409;track_num=7[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://sororitynoise.bandcamp.com/track/blonde-hair-black-lungs
  5. How did I get so old, y'all? This Wednesday I'm gonna know whether I got into some universities or not and I'm gonna have the next four years of my life all laid out in front of me and aaahhhhhh I don't feel like I'm ready to move on; I'm still so young but I'm being pushed along and I can't even catch my breath is this what teenage angst is?
  6. *dusts off the forgotten hill* My hill?
  7. I'm an INFP myself :) MBTI is so interesting; it's really cool to learn how other people think
  8. My music taste has changed a lot in the past few months. Aside from Coldplay, I'd say my favorites are: Death Cab for Cutie The Postal Service The Fray Explosions in the Sky American Football The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die This Town Needs Guns Fleet Foxes Bon Iver
  9. To Moscow and Quickly - Deer Leap What word or phrase best describes you?
  10. Nashville, TN, USA Ladder to the Sun
  11. oh man, decided to listen to only Coldplay for the first time in ages; I'd almost forgotten how awesome it is :dazzled:
  12. Aw darn; I'm one of those people who only drops in occasionally, and it looks like I dropped in too late this time. :(
  13. It seems to take a while to load, but I'm not sure if it's just correlation or causation
  14. The first one I remember hearing was Viva, and I was hooked. I remember the only reason I got good at Tap Tap was so I could play it on the CP Tap Tap app because it was only available on hard/expert mode :laugh3:
  15. Hey, there've actually been some recent posts! Wow! Amazing! [distant sobbing noises]
  16. Fourteen hours ago... I'm so close to another human!
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