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  1. Holy shit I think I know exactly where in Ximending that is.... Too bad I'm not in Taipei now otherwise I'd definitely pay a visit. :oops:
  2. Gonna be honest with y'all, the fact that Orphans is the AHFOD sound yet produced so much better and, unlike 90% of that album, sounds genuinely happy and energetic, proves to me that Coldplay never needs to work with Stargate again if they want to make another poptimistic record.
  3. The thing is both True Love and Apologize have a nice dance-inspired beat going on. Everyday Life doesn't have that, but I suppose Timbaland gave Will's drums the unique timbre (or rather, Timba) that they have. Also, can we talk about how it seems that too many bands seem to be bringing in Timbaland just to add basic dance vibes to a song? I'd hate for people to only think of Timbaland in those contexts rather than the groundbreaking production he did for Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.
  4. Honestly y'all, in this day and age, if a band releases a song before an upcoming album and it's available to stream on all platforms, then it's a single no matter whether it's released to radio or not or if the band doesn't officially call it a single.
  5. Timbaland has a production credit on Everyday Life (the song)??? Bit of a waste of Timbaland if you're not using him for a hip-hop/dance track, innit?
  6. Man, just when you thought you'd heard every cool unreleased gem from Coldplay....dare I say the song would've worked better in this arrangement (as much as I love the album version).
  7. I have no problem with short songs. Tierra Whack's album from last year had only 15 one-minute long songs and it said more in those 15 minutes than a lot of albums do in one hour. Hell, most of The Beatles' biggest hits are under 3 minutes! Length ain't a measure of quality, folks! ;)
  8. The idea that music and politics should be kept separate is a rather baffling one to me. Some of the greatest music I've ever heard was inspired by political events. There's songs inspired by poltical tragedy, from Sunday Bloody Sunday, Ohio, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, etc. There's more subtle politics in albums like Mitski's Be the Cowboy, which takes the independent American white male cowboy image and turns it on its head by applying it to a woman of color, or Low's Double Negative, which channels all the social and political discord of our era into a confusing, indecipherable
  9. Really not sure why y'all think this song isn't finished or is lacking a Death and All His Friends climax? This isn't a song for the stadiums, it's a nice, gentle, somber closer that moves without being dramatic. With just enough of a glimmer of hope. It's a smooth, subdued finale that resigns itself to the quirks and frustrations of the thing it's titled after. And, unlike Coldplay's weakest songs, it never pretends to be something it's not. Just like everyday life, Everyday Life just simply exists, and that's what makes it beautiful. This isn't meant to be Fix You or Amsterdam part 2. Ins
  10. Am I the only one who thinks of Hozier's Take Me to Church when I read the title?
  11. Little late but because everyone keeps mentioning his name I decided to check out Jacob Collier, and wow, his stuff is amazing! It's barbershop quartet meets jazz if if you filtered it through Laurie Anderson, yet completely accessible and palatable to the average listener. Insanely well-recorded too. Can't wait to see what he brings to the table.
  12. Johnny's absence on Arabesque could be because of something as simple as he wasn't able to make it to the studio the day they were recording it, so they just decided to use Drew Goddard's playing on the studio version. The electric guitar in the song sounds very much like something Johnny would play though! Not inconceivable that he wrote the parts and Drew played them.
  13. Are you talking about The RIght Stuff? Tbh I can definitely see Noel releasing something as experimental or even more daring than Arabesque, especially if David Holmes continues to push him out of his comfort zone on his next album.
  14. Haven't been on here in ages! But just wanted to drop in here and say that Arabesque is such a fucking great song. It'd be a fucking great song if Coldplay weren't the ones who released it, but all the more incredible that they could go from AHFOD to this. And Orphans is how AHFOD should've sounded had Stargate not overproduced the album and the songs were stronger. Fucking hell am I hyped for this album.
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