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  1. Maybe it'll be a snippet to car kids to hold us over for lp8:eek:
  2. I'm just going to set the record straight here: Brian Eno departed during the Mylo Xyloto recording sessions. The credits only stated that he provided the enoxification of some songs. He hasn't been involved with the band until recently. He made the app for Hypnotized and I'm betting you that the lads impressed Brian with what they've done to this snippet from the interview from all those years ago. I don't know what everyone was on about when they were blaming Eno back then because he certainly wasn't around for development of the rest of the songs. Unfortunately as some users
  3. Wow so this song is a left over from the viva era... No wonder it's so good... Also saddens me that Viva was the height of Coldplay's prowess and mastery of music..
  4. It sounds like they recorded the groundwork for the song during soundchecks for the live shows. It has a raw feeling to it. Kinda like I'm listening to live version without the crowd. It's really good that second part.
  5. But it's not like the lads haven't done something with a big hip hop artist before. : unamused: *ahem* Jay Z ring any bells? It took a while, but I eventually liked Lost+ so if this collaboration with Big Sean does materialize, then lets give this a chance. Though to this day I still do not like XMTS so let us hope that they got towards the Lost+ direction instead of XMTS Also, I have J-boy on repeat! That Friday with all that new music from OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Phoenix, and Foster the People was nuts!
  6. So if they recorded the Tokyo show to release later, do you all think they will ship it with like a deluxe version of the Kaleidoscope EP or stand alone as a Live in 2017 kinda thing? Also I really do hope they add more songs to the EP just like they did with Prospekt's March.
  7. So can anyone confirm that Eno worked on ALIENS?
  8. I think mystery song 3 and 4 are one and the same.
  9. I just realized something. We need another hypnofeed!!! It's so fitting with how Kaleidoscopes are so "hypnotising". I stumbled upon Jon Bellion's behind the scenes videos and I just realized we've never actually seen the thought process of how the lads actually make music other than Chris stating it's just random and he or the other lads bring it to the rest of the band in interviews. It might be too late in the process, but it would be nice to see a behind the scenes of how songs get made.
  10. I was dreading today. I had presentations and a boring class with an upcoming test. Then just as I sat down to mentally prepare for the slog that is cell biology, I check my snapchat and I see Coldplay's snapchat with a Hypnotised graphic and I was like "NEWS?!" and rush over here and everyone is talking about the EP and I was so excited. Then I check the actual website and there it was! Hypnotised!!!! It feels so good to be able to replay a new Coldplay song and actually like it (I really wasn't feeling SJLT and the last time I replayed was most of the songs in AHFOD). I listened to it and
  11. When the future's architectured By a carnival of idiots on show We'd better lie low Or We can fight (ง⚆_⚆)ง
  12. I checked Facebook and saw the post, too. I can't wait that long! At least they've confirmed the general release time frame!
  13. Adds Legends and AHFOD (Alternate Version) to list*
  14. Add those 2-3 songs to the list!
  15. Gotta get the prediction machines going! Let's see... Everglow (Single Version) Army of One (Tour Version/alternate version name here*) Kaleidoscope (Reprise) *Voodoo? Hymn for the Weekend (Reprise/Acoustic with fancy voice tricks) Birds (Extended?) I dunno what else...
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