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  1. yeah if this would be a 2nd version it would be more epic!
  2. Ofcourse we all expect #1 from a band at this caliber sad tho that they wont get that #1 in NL anytime soon 400K hoping in US! lets say when all is said and done 6M for the album and in the long run 8M thru the next era
  3. Im a huge coldplay fan but i feel this song is such a letdown in the album the only bad song in it. I tried my best to love or like this song since Feb. but the highest it got to my rating is a 5/10 but now its just a 3/10 BORING worst part of the album........ i want to skip this so bad..... vocoder doesnt work anymore for me feel unnatural and too empty I cant force myself to love this anylonger - 3/10
  4. its pretty good for a bonus track could be an album track on VLV Love the verses its so magical the start of the song sends shivers down my spine and sets the mood for the song, makes me nostalgic All your friends and Open Firreee parts are magic chris vocals and emotions yet again never fail on the song 8/10
  5. its not all about high pumping energy kicking singles O has potential and Ink too id say 3rd single : O 4th if ever: Ink or Another Arms
  6. However the euphoria this track brings is way on par with Yellow , VLV Paradise, Fix You, Clocks and Fix you
  7. I agree this has some VLV elements to it which is why I loved it at first listen. Catchy melody Varied instruments Simple lyrics yet relatable and metaphoric? 10/10
  8. So far after 5 listens ( Standard Edition) 1. "Ink" - Such a subtle and feel good song the melody is so catchy and the instruments ahhhhh i melt 2. "A Sky Full of Stars" euphoria! 3. "O" nice falsetto 4. "True Love" - kinda lacking in lyrics though some lyrics are the best in the album though lyrics shoudlve been more 5. Always in My Head" 6. Magic" 7. "Another's Arms" 8 Oceans 9. "Midnight so far 7/10 for the whole album
  9. window s media player cannot rip and raphael EAC is too complicated how do i just RIP? do you know which tab in EAC?
  10. yes i ts the only media i have i think
  11. yeah RIP like with the cd .. any advice what to do? oh man i wanna listen to this on my cellphone before i sleep but.....................
  12. i bought the original copy! my point is to get a good cd audio :(
  13. I cant seem to Rip Ghost Stories :( I know they are keen about piracy but comeon! do I have to buy a cd player which is so obsolete nowadays just to listen to ghost stories? or maybe i made the wrong decision buying legally and shouldve just downloaded an illegal copy and can just copy to my cellphone so frustrating! error: windows cannot rip one or more tracks on the cd! :rolleyes:
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