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  1. A few members (I think two?) of the band don't like the song - that's why it hasn't been played live very often.
  2. Abifail

    Ink - your review

    7/10. It's catchy and fun, but the lyrics are horseshit and the song never really elevates.
  3. All your Friends sounds like an improved song off X&Y, Ghost Story sounds like old school Radiohead.
  4. The instrumental at the end is fucking perfect. The bass riff is like an old school Death Cab for Cutie bass line and the synths and harmonies are like Sigur Ros. It's beautiful. I can see why Chris said it was the best piece of music they've done.
  5. Abifail


    Is it just me and my untrained ears, but are the boys slightly out of time with each other for a few seconds during the song? It sounds like the take they used was slightly off. I realise that it is deliberate and done like that on purpose, but it really was like Zane Lowe said and you can hear them kind of falling apart but they pick it back up.
  6. Hi all, I've seen a few posts from people who are ranking Ghost Stories alongside Coldplay's other five records. I just wanted to make a point about this. Music is such an amazingly beautiful thing in the way that it lingers with us and our souls. It is carried inside us for years and sometimes decades. You can't possibly judge an album that is only a few hours old. AROBTTH, Parachutes and Viva has been inside some of you and has become a part of your lives - how can you compare those records to something that is so new? I'm not trying to be critical here - I'm genuinely curious as to whether or not you realise this. I personally thought Ghost Stories was flawless after my first listen. But I can't truly judge it until I evaluate the way that it will affect my life and the way it will stay with me. For example: I absolutely adored X&Y after my first listen, but after a few weeks I didn't really feel a connection to the record and today - almost ten years later - I barely have any attachment to it at all. On the flip side, I didn't really like Mylo Xyloto after my first listen but a few songs on there have become really dear friends to me and a few songs that I didn't like at first have really affected me. We just can't tell whether or not things will stay with us and our judgement on something as intricate as music cannot be valid unless enough time has passed for it to sink in. Some of you may be hating specific songs on the record, but you never know, you might grow and develop and hear them again five years later and fall in love. I hope that made sense.
  7. Abifail

    True Love

    Not only do I think this song is the strongest on the record, I think it is one of the best things they've ever done. It's beautiful and there are so many elements in there that work perfectly.
  8. Bear with me here. Just after the first verse and chorus, chris sings: Got a tattoo and the pain's alright Just want a way of keeping you inside Then a female sings: Ooooohooo. It sounds a hell of a lot like Rihanna. Chris has said repeatedly that he is a huge fan of her voice, so I thought maybe this could be her? Do me a favour and have a listen to the part I'm referring to. It's definitely similar to her.
  9. I'm not worried, merely interested. I see *notes the date*

  10. Don't worry about my intentions. You'll know exactly what is to happen on the 28th of November, 2016 at 6pm.

  11. I see, you are a dedicated investigator, I approve of your commitment. After all these years of searching, what are you intending to do now that you've found me?

  12. If I start yelling at the people who are uploading this song against Chris' wishes maybe Chris will marry me and we will be best friends and go to buy potatoes and milk and bread from the store on Fridays.
  13. I'm a Pringles enthusiast.
  14. I've been searching for Batman for eight years. I had narrowed down my search. It dawned on me that Batman could only be in two places: - A Coldplay fan forum or - An Alanis Morissette fan forum. It appears I have been successful in my search.

  15. I'm the real deal. Where else on the internet would you find the Batman if not on a Coldplay fan forum?

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