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  1. I think that estimate sounds about right for the US, though you never know, they could match MX opening week figures. Album sales have changed even from last year (down roughly 15% thanks to streaming) which is having an impact across the board. I think Coldplay does have a lot going for it though. They have always been a strong seller, there's been some good promotion (iTunes banner, Target ad), Chris being on The Voice, etc...and of course the break-up is a factor too. I think Ghost Stories could have a bigger opening than MX, but then fall down the charts faster. As the digital market gains each year second week drop offs are becoming bigger due to larger pre-orders. Who knows...I could be completely surprised too :) Luckily since the band is a good album seller relative to everyone else, the band has nothing to worry about.
  2. From all the clips I've heard so far, this album feels like a journey, an experience, a story--as do a lot of my favorite albums. Just from the short clip, O just might be my favorite album closer of all time.
  3. I think I'll need to hear this in the context of the album before making a final judgement. It stands alone good enough, especially for casual fans. I'm not huge on EDM but this is an enjoyable track anyways.
  4. I think "flop" has to be defined before anything can be labeled. Album sales were a beast when Parachutes was released, it was really a different world in music. With streaming services that continue to gain popularity, album sales as a whole are down like 15% from last year. You can't compare previous albums when shit like Spotify and such didn't even exist from Parachutes through Viva. However, I do think Ghost Stories has a lot of potential. With the downward trends of sales, even matching MX would be a win.
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