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  1. Hi all, would anyone have a spare presales code? I live in France but I'd love to go see the boys in SF with my bestfriend... she lives there and it'll be a birthday gift! Thanks in advance to all of you :) and I hope everyone gets the tickets they want! Cheers
  2. What if I already did and posted it in the forums? Is that enough to enter?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for any European date ticket especially Amsterdam! PM me if you have one or if you happen to know someone who knows someone who knows someone selling their ticket! thank you so much !
  4. Oh nice! I'm actually looking for a ticket for Amsterdam :D hopefully, I'll join!!
  5. I actually didn't (a 50 cl bottle of water was 6 euros :/ we were lucky the security staff gave us their own bottles so try to bring your own sandwiches), for the merch it was more expensive than in the website (starts at 35euros, but a hoodie that you can buy for 45 euros online, will cost you 65...)
  6. [Part 3] SHOW TIME ! While we were waiting, I spotted Phil and Annabelle talking with two other people! I kept waving and screaming and they finally saw me!They waved back :dazzled: and I got a thumbs up from Phil too, while the crowd made the Viva chant! What a way to start the show! And out of nowhere, O mio babino caro started playing, we all knew what this means: four people we love more than anything in the world were about to hit the stage! People screaming, other crying, Yu was jumping, Oksana was so moved she stood still! And THEY WENT ON STAGE, I saw Jonny play the first AHFOD gui
  7. [Part 2/3] SHOW DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED :stunned:! At 6am I packed my bag, wore my outfit and headed to the stadium! I found 6 people already in line for the Early access entry (Ingrid, Oksana with the red hair :tongue:, Franck: first Coldplay show for the three+ Simone aka the boss, Tiziano and their little group of Italian fans). [spoiler=photo of the early entry group in the queue] https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10206303982098750 Mobile Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206303982098750&set=a.10201131762516493.1073741826.1242357985&type=3&theater&noti
  8. [Part 1/3] Hello "web people of" Coldplaying (poke Anchorman), I had the privelege of seeing Coldplay again (OMG I DID :dazzled:) and the experience is so amazing I have to share it with you guys. The post will be too long and too detailed (and I'm sorry) but every detail counts in this adventure. It all started last November when I couldn't get a golden circle ticket so I had to buy an Early access (I won't complain about the prices now, I already did). And the hardest part of a Coldplay show started: the wait. The shows in Latin America made me both excited and nervous, I didn't kno
  9. Apes and a sea of colourful balloons! Awesome performance
  10. 'How can people struggle? How can Coldplay break your heart?' New lyrics of Up&Up
  11. That was a fake, nobody received any email yet
  12. I still think they'll send emails today (especially for people coming from outside Paris). Those tickets might be free but they're killing me
  13. Then hopefully you'll get a positive response (if you win twice, please let me know)
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