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  1. Ok so I try and not complain about big differences between the studio and live versions of songs because it’s nice for live versions to pack an extra punch but WOW I wish Johnny was so up in the mix on the studio version like he is in on the live version, sounds amazing
  2. Is there a thread or something with what’s been said in interviews with the band yesterday? Haven’t seen one on here or Reddit and I’m really intrigued to see if there’s info slowly coming out about the album I think Hopkins is likely to be involved. I really want Eno on the album and I feel like there’s been enough hints to suggest he might be but I wonder if it’s a case of finishing off some old songs he worked on
  3. I get not liking it but I don’t understand why anyone was expecting rock for this lead single produced by prolific pop producer Max Martin (especially when Coldplay have always been pop anyway, the way people talk about rock here you’d think Coldplay’s first three albums were really heavy or something) i like that it’s got a HLH/Birds vibe but with an 80s touch, hopefully there’s some great rifs on there and maybe some spacey type touches to it too
  4. If there is indeed 12 songs like one of the theories based on symbols suggests I really hope that none of them are short interludes. I don’t mind a good interlude, but if they’re going to be really short I’d rather it be tacked on to a song like with Oceans or UFO. I’m all for longer ones having their own track if you count Kaleidoscope and Bani Adam. I do love Mylo and Hopeful transmission but IMO they should have just been the intros to their respective songs on one track. Could have still been titled ‘Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven’
  5. I feel like I’ve got no idea what to expect. Obvs it’s going to be poppy, it’s a shame if people are getting their hopes up for a big rock song but I still don’t know what we’ll get. I think it won’t be ASFOS level easy listening, and I think it’ll have more depth than HFTW, but yeah I could see it being Paradise, ETIAW or Adventure level. When I think about the two versions of The Race, they’re both synthy and modern, although the documentary version sounds like it’s got a bit of an older touch and neither of those are overwhelmingly typical pop and I’m kind of hoping that, along wi
  6. I’m not sure because a lot of artists get that exact same spot with the YouTube music sign, like Celeste in this post below and when I’ve seen it before I don’t remember it being anything to do with a YoutTube Music exclusive if that’s what you mean. I think they’re just similar to the Amazon Music billboards that tend to say ‘Alexa play Coldplay’ etc as a way to promote both the brand and the artist, rather than saying you’ll hear this music here first/exclusively https://www.instagram.com/p/CKjVNhKFsjJ/?igshid=16yevlbo99j3z
  7. Very excited! Love reading everyone’s theories, really excited to see what the band have cooked up. I was really unsubscribed to the idea that this could end up being for an EP and I’m still hoping this is the start of a new album campaign. However if the idea that the re-recording of Us Against The World is involved is true, mixed with people’s musings on the five symbols, it could maybe be the lead single released as an EP with 4 b-sides if there’s a big gap between the lead single and the album perhaps. I don’t think that’s likely the case, especially with the level of m
  8. OK so it's really nice and has a similar vibe to Vampire Weekend's recent output like people of mentioned but I don't know what to do with it. I was originally planning on putting it after guns or Eko but I don't know if it fits now I've heard it but then again the album is so varied, maybe it just needs time in that spot to feel part of the bigger picture
  9. Has anyone mentioned the organ like sounds in Champion Of The World's intro are slightly reminiscent of Fix You?
  10. I think there's definitely cohesion there though. Church, Champion Of The World and Everyday Life feel like they belong together sonically. As do Daddy, Trouble In Town, Arabesque and Guns in a different kind of way. These two sides mesh well together with the seeing life from different angles idea they're going for. Then a lot of the other tracks slot nicely in between and the street sounds and spoken word parts tie it all together nicely. I think the main problem stopping it from feeling truly cohesive is how some of the shorter songs are littered throughout and they're too short
  11. Anyway, here's my track by track thoughts. Not too detailed but just how I'm feeling about the album now. Really really loving it, just feel it needs a bit of a rejig orderwise to make help it flow a bit better.
  12. I think/hope people warm to church. It's really not like AHFOD and I think people aren't taking to it because it's probably the second most 'poppy' after Orphans and that stargate credit. To me it comes from the same place as Rainy Day but just sounds a little more modern, its got a very 2000s melody imo with a more up to date production @IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 I wouldn't get your hopes up for any big hit single this era. Champion Of The World might be THAT song that really does something for fans this era but I can't really imagine them pushing any of the other songs as singles in a radio se
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