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  1. OK so it's really nice and has a similar vibe to Vampire Weekend's recent output like people of mentioned but I don't know what to do with it. I was originally planning on putting it after guns or Eko but I don't know if it fits now I've heard it but then again the album is so varied, maybe it just needs time in that spot to feel part of the bigger picture
  2. Has anyone mentioned the organ like sounds in Champion Of The World's intro are slightly reminiscent of Fix You?
  3. I think there's definitely cohesion there though. Church, Champion Of The World and Everyday Life feel like they belong together sonically. As do Daddy, Trouble In Town, Arabesque and Guns in a different kind of way. These two sides mesh well together with the seeing life from different angles idea they're going for. Then a lot of the other tracks slot nicely in between and the street sounds and spoken word parts tie it all together nicely. I think the main problem stopping it from feeling truly cohesive is how some of the shorter songs are littered throughout and they're too short
  4. Anyway, here's my track by track thoughts. Not too detailed but just how I'm feeling about the album now. Really really loving it, just feel it needs a bit of a rejig orderwise to make help it flow a bit better.
  5. I think/hope people warm to church. It's really not like AHFOD and I think people aren't taking to it because it's probably the second most 'poppy' after Orphans and that stargate credit. To me it comes from the same place as Rainy Day but just sounds a little more modern, its got a very 2000s melody imo with a more up to date production @IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 I wouldn't get your hopes up for any big hit single this era. Champion Of The World might be THAT song that really does something for fans this era but I can't really imagine them pushing any of the other songs as singles in a radio se
  6. OK finally started my second listen and Trouble In Town strikes me as being a great album closer if the album was to end on a darker note. Arabesque too sonically, but Trouble In Town just has an ending feel to it and feels so dark throughout but especially towards the end. There's nothing wrong with BrokEn but it feels so wrong sandwiched between Trouble In Town and Daddy, even if it's meant to be a break. Not sure where else I'd put it though
  7. Also, I know a lot of people here really dislike AHFOD but while I know it's not their best work, I'm always so shocked by the amount of hate it gets. I have such positive memories of that era
  8. Finished my first my first listen more than an hour ago. I'm certainly impressed by how brave they've been with this album, it's certainly experimental and I'm glad they seem to not care that people might not take well to the sound or politics. Having said that, I'm not getting the OK Computer/Kid A feel that some people have mentioned even if a couple of tracks have a slight Radioheadishness about them. Overall I really like it. There's some gorgeous moments on there but I'm worried they hindered themselves with the double album concept because it slightly feels as if they had to quickly
  9. Wanted to try and keep from listening to any more songs released before the album but caved and listened to Everday Life. So 3 songs out, presumably another one before the album release. If there's at least 4 interludes/voice memos/intros on there that could leave 8 songs plus the bonus track left to listen to upon release. I guess that's not too bad considering there were like 2 songs left that we hadn't heard by the time Ghost Stories was released
  10. Annoyed with myself but I caved in and listened. I think it's gorgeous, not what I wanted or expected but I suspect it will be an excellent closer in the greater context of the album
  11. Exactly my thoughts. I'm holding off and a lot of the opinions of the song seem to contradict each other, which while it worries me, it makes me more excited too. My one worry is about people saying it goes nowhere, hopefully it's a great song even without that typical Coldplay climax
  12. I've not heard it yet, I'm so excited but feel like it might be worth saving it for album. I have looked at what you guys have been saying and I'm so intrigued. I was expecting a song somewhere between Fix You and Death and All His Friends but a bit more chilled out, melodic and melancholy basically just discussing going through the motions. Now I don't really know what to expect. Very excited though!
  13. WOW, that's all I'll say for now! In terms of the Jo Whiley stuff, is there more than just that short statement she made and her list of favourite tracks? Or is that it? It's great and exciting but I thought someone said she spoke about it track by track
  14. Ooof, your description of the snippets has me very excited. Keeping clear of them till tomorrow. I remember the video of them performing Someone Special going up and I was so intrigued, wasn't in love with the actual song once it came out though so Arabesque has my attention. I don't hate Stargate's/(MAYBE Rik's) production on AHFOD but I've always wondered how the album would differ without their influence so count me hyped for that too. What kind of Phil Collins? In The Air Tonight climax or like a Two Hearts kinda vibe or nothing like either? Beyond excited at this point
  15. So excited for tomorrow and the later album release despite any apprehension. One thing I'm hoping for a little is that if Arabesque is an old reworked track, I hope The Race has found its way into a new track because it sounds gorgeous, dare I say it, I wouldn't be opposed to Car Kids evolving into something on this album, I've been intrigued about this one forever and wasn't it re registered around the release of Global Citizen EP?
  16. I see your point but it's not like artists are limited to doing near enough the same thing. OT: I can't decide if I think it's really pretty or like others have said, dissapointing with it being so similar to the previous. If it wasn't for their expressions, I'd be slightly inclined to believe this could be fake. I don't know how it's done but I'm sure I've seen fakes uploaded to Amazon before so who knows
  17. I am a tiny bit concerned about the double format of the album. If it's similar to Foals and The 1975 with their recent 'double album' eras, that's fine, because if one of the sides is infinitely more enjoyable than the other, it'll still feel like a separate body of work. Plus one long era with two loose halves sounds exciting. However the wording suggests that it'll be a double disc album with two contrasting sides, which fair enough, could be amazing if they do it well. I just get weary though as Marina, a pop singer who grew from an indie pop background, released her double album this year
  18. Exactly! That's why I'm confused because do people mean they don't want it to be poppy in the sense that they want the song as an orchestral ballad unlike any other Coldplay release, because I'd argue from parachutes onwards, all of their releases have been 'pop' to some degree, even things like Yes which this could be similar too. Or are people just worried this song might descend into a trap beat club song with violins in the background haha Love your profile pic BTW
  19. So glad to be back and see this forum so active! Very excited for what's to come. I do think though that people expecting the entire song to sound like the snippet are setting themselves up for disappointment. I'm not expecting a AOAL style surprise but can we honestly imagine the band's lead single being a new 'classical' piece. I think it's more than likely to have the same prominence in the song as the string section in A L I E N S or at least just a snippet to help further the aesthetic they're going for like others have suggested! Excited to see what happens :)
  20. I'm having such trouble believing that people really think that E-Lo is anything like current Top 40 music. In terms of current pop music, it can be argued to quite experimental, as it's essentially a modern idea of african folk music talking about bringing slavery to an end. If that's similar to anything in current radio or pop music then I guess I'm just wrong haha The song is nothing like SJLT (which is more more like what you're describing) and definitely not like HFTW. The music is more dance and folk than straight pop and the only thing I can think of that has any remote similarities
  21. My guess is that this the EP is one of two or more charity fund raising EPs for Global Citizen. I haven't seen anyone pick up on it yet but Voodoo is an unreleased track from A Head Full Of Dreams so I suspect the idea of these EP songs being unreleased isn't incorrect after all. I'm guessing that that the EPs could be a mix of old and new, with the next EP potentially containing Life Is Beautiful and Car Kids if we're lucky. The first EP has somewhat of an African vibe with the Mandela references, the next one could be more Spanish potentially with the 'band name' and if it features Life
  22. Blimey, being away from this forum for a while I forgot how much people jump the gun here. Let's wait and see what the music sounds like on Friday yeah? It's for charity so it's awfully entitles for some of us here to be crying about how Los Unidades shouldn't have happened. I bet not everyone liked Lhuna when that came out but it was for a good cause. I really do think Los Unidades is just a pseudonym for the release of this stuff, to still have an association but to not be too tied down to the Coldplay Brand
  23. Came here to post this haha. I used to really love Kodaline but have gone off them in the last couple of years to an extent. The blatant Coldplay copying is just weird. One thing to be inspired by Coldplay ala High Hopes, it's a great song and clearly evokes that mid naughties brit band sound, but Coming Alive is such a rip off of Hurts Like Heaven it's uncanny. To top it off, when I saw them in 2015, the song played before the band came on was that Jon Hopkins song Coldplay were using before a lot of their sets in 2014, probably a coincidence but who knows
  24. Not sure what to think of this now. I'm super excited for its release but it feels like the AHFOD era has been well and truly done with for quite a while now, considering the album came out in 2015, it feels a bit awkward that the live album/film will be released so long after the tour has finished (if they do release it). Half of me thinks it makes no sense from a commercial point of view because there might be little interest now but then at the same time, Coldplay have such a good relationship with the general public, anything they put out is likely to do well anyway and it's not like none
  25. Everyone has different tastes and I will always respect that but I have loved the AHFOD era so much and it's a weird but kind of sweet feeling that it's now come to an end. I think AHFOD is a great album, but agree with some others with that it's not quite as great as it could be, but i wouldn't change much other than the production here and there. I know a lot the songs aren't their best but I just have so much feeling attached to most of the songs and then i was so pleased when i was able to add three more excellent songs into the tracklist (AICTAIY, ALIENS and Hypnotised) and now it rea
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