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  1. arghhh i would love nothing more than to see a song being born! why did they cut it?! :(
  2. ok totally unrelated but someone posted on instagram that they filmed Charlie Brown in Milan to be used in a Coldplay film!!!!!!!!! YAY. Ok back to Kaleidescope...
  3. HAHAHA. Trying to not listen to the song but love the positive view
  4. she was tagged in the official coldplay post announcing the song^. Yup think you hit the nail on the head
  5. exciting but kinda hope they're all somehow in the video and its not just animation also if we're getting a video does this mean A.L.I.E.N is an official single release? edit: so i just looked up this Dianne Martel person and she seems to be some activist fighting against racism and trump etc. wonder if it'll have some sort of political message or something about unity and love...Should be good..
  6. i just cant believe it! I didnt think we'd ever get them back and here with are with a brand new song with jonny's soaring piercing guitar, will's explosive powerful drums, a beautiful hypnotic guy bassline and a brooding gorgeous chris. THANK YOU MUSIC GODS! IM SO HAPPY
  7. Yayy, the Coldplay I love is back baby! Woooo! Sounds amazing even after one bad quality listen! Yes yes yes, more more more!
  8. oh is that johnny in the left hand side of the group pic?!?!
  9. Gwyneth's instagram [MEDIA=instagram]BPogH-9lB4L[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPogH-9lB4L/
  10. went to the second Sydney show and was also right in front of Johny. They were nothing short of amazing and I wouldnt have expected any less from them. Thought the crowd was pretty good too, caught the guys looking at each other and grinning a few times when the crowd was going nuts. Wish they played Christmas lights for us but instead we got Christmas with the Kangaroos which was very memorable haha. Cant believe its over to. Dont know what to do with myself now tho, miss knowing that no matter how my day goes, Ive got a Coldplay concert to go to. sighhhhh
  11. I just made the stupid mistake of thinkng I could take my time in getting tickets for this. Went online to buy tickets today at night only to find that the Gold Standing seats (I refuse any other type of tickets) were all gone within a few hours. I can't believe it . Ive waited so long for this. Was devastated. Found some tickets on ebay for double the price and bought them . 300 EACH :( ... plus gotta pay for flights over from perth. Oh well, who knows how many more tours they'll do...I know it'll be worth the money
  12. just expressing my greatfulness for the lack of sleeves today. Say NO to sleeves Chris
  13. dang! gotta say the recent pics of chris at the O2 with the thicker beard growth are pretty fine!
  14. and it would be so easy for him to just do his part by giving money away but the fact that he donates money AND actively want to help hands on is just !!!
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