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  1. I'm going to see if there's any possible way to search for unlisted youtube videos. something has to be uploaded by now but hidden from public view.
  2. It was down for me for a little while as well. glad it's back.
  3. whether related or not, I figured I'd point out there will be a solar eclipse for some of the planet on December 26, 2019. (The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from Saudi Arabia, southern India, and parts of Indonesia. Weather permitting, those in Europe, parts of Asia, and North-West Australia will see a partial eclipse. )
  4. I don't mind complaining. they've become a band with a worldwide fanbase with near unlimited resources. this release was weak as all hell considering its potential. I won't even get into the video production and the whiplash that I get in watching the camera perspectives that jump every second. just a lot of unnecessary BS with this release all around. They could have done a lot better. I believe in many respects it was a case of severely overthinking things and worrying too damn much. Like you said they could have added other songs to make the multiple versions more viable and legit but they didn't for whatever reason. Probably because they were concerned about performance quality. Screw that. It was live. People know that. Put it out there with all of its imperfections. That's part of what makes live performances unique. no one expects perfection. once you start overproducing it and making decisions to try to achieve an overly polished live show it becomes plastic and less genuine. just leave it out there in all of its glory. the fans would appreciate it.
  5. they must have signed an exclusivity deal with amazon and itunes for the HD versions to be released there, thus no physical HD releases. and if so that's a ridiculous swing and a miss by the band and their entire management team. its an indication they simply are no longer concerned with providing the best archival experiences to their fans when its so easy for them to do so. hugely disappointing if this is the standard they are setting for themselves going forward.
  6. In the article perhaps we need to take that quote into proper context. Here's the entire part of the article where that quote is referenced: Last year, Coldplay released the Kaleidoscope EP, which has moved 46,510 units to date, according to the Official Charts Company. "I think it was just where they were at creatively," said Holmes. "I don’t think they’re ever going to follow a straight album campaign-tour format." Perhaps Holmes was only referring to the Kaleidoscope EP material. Let me rephrase Holmes' words another way - "I think it was just where they were at with the Kaleidescope material creatively. I don't think they were ever going to follow a straight album campaign-tour format with that leftover material" I could be wrong, but if this is what he was referring to I have to imagine they will certainly still consider releasing albums and touring those albums. Maybe at a smaller scale. Maybe at the same scale. But why wouldn't you promote your material? It's what they do. It's how they've always done it. That comment makes zero sense outside of this sort of context.
  7. yeah this digital release is a cop out. it pales so much to a legit HD release on Blu Ray. it is not full resolution HD. It is compressed. It is stereo audio only with no multi channel option. the band has truly short changed this release which makes absolutely zero sense considering how much they have hyped it. To highlight a live concert release and documentary that from a hard media standpoint is on standard definition dvd, cd, cassette and vinyl, one would wonder what year Coldplay is operating in..
  8. nothing personal here, but I think they need to move on from Rik Simpson. in my opinion the last few albums and live albums have had some really crappy mixes. Some really head scratching decisions in the final mixes (UP&UP album version comes to mind). I'm sure he's technically very proficient and perhaps Simpson's mixes are just what the band have requested. But a new direction in the final product sound-wise would be welcome.
  9. perhaps the bluray release will be a more standard global release (available in all store outlets, amazon etc) in the near future. whereas the current announcement is an initial special release.
  10. WTF? Why is the live show only being made available on crappy DVD? Is there not going to be a bluray release? why on earth would they launch this and only indicate a DVD version in today's age of technology? Even the images of the packaging shows it is DVD format and not bluray. What are they thinking??? This is absurd. I mean unless they are completely out of their minds I fully expect a BD version to be released and if so, why not just roll that out with the official announcement now? Either way this is really stupid.
  11. If you do it up right it is outstanding. I honestly have no need to go to a theater anymore. my home theater, in many ways, can sound even better since it is calibrated correctly.
  12. I am hoping for bluray with enhanced audio options like dolby atmos or at least truehd. prime is nice but the quality, particularly audio, will suffer compared to bluray - and with it being a documentary about a band with concert footage audio quality is fairly important.
  13. Coldplay have announced a new film, A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS, which throws the doors wide open on their colourful 20 year history. The film will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand on Friday, November 16 with local language versions available globally soon after. Coldplay have announced a new film, A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS, which throws the doors wide open on their colourful 20 year history. The film will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand on Friday, November 16 with local language versions available globally soon after. The documentary release will be preceded by a special one-night showing of the film in collaboration with Trafalgar Releasing in more than 2,000 cinemas around the world, on Wednesday, November 14. Tickets are on sale from Friday, October 19 from coldplay.film. In conjunction with the launch of A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS on Amazon Prime Video, Coldplay will premiere three live tracks, available to stream only on Amazon Music beginning Friday, October 26. The tracks are: Stayin’ Alive (Live at Glastonbury) by Coldplay & Barry Gibb, Us Against The World (Live in Leipzig) and Don't Panic (Live in Paris). A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS offers an in-depth and intimate portrait of the band’s spectacular rise from the backrooms of Camden pubs to selling out stadiums across the planet. At the heart of the story is the band’s unshakeable brotherhood which has endured through many highs and lows. The film is helmed by Mat Whitecross - director of Supersonic, the acclaimed 2016 Oasis documentary - who met the four friends at college in London, before they’d even formed the band. From the very first rehearsal in a cramped student bedroom, Whitecross has been there to capture the music and the relationships on tape. Whitecross has since directed many of the band’s most iconic videos (including Paradise, A Sky Full Of Stars and Adventure Of A Lifetime) and continued to document the band’s musical and personal evolution. Using extensive unseen archive, behind-the-scenes and live footage, A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS sees the band reflect upon their two decades together. It was filmed during Coldplay's record-breaking A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, which was certified as the third biggest tour of all time, playing to more than 5.5 million fans across the world.
  14. I would agree with this. from a business decision standpoint there's no way the record company will produce and manufacture/press a bunch of DVDs/CDs of the same show from different locations. It simply will be too costly to do it that way. Now, if they want to make a bunch of other shows available digitally/streaming only with no physical product then that's another conversation. Perhaps they will attempt to develop a new way of product distribution with all of this - I don't know. But I would caution about taking Rik Simpson's comments regarding "albums" and running with any assumptions. It could be nothing more than Simpson providing a set of different options (complete live show productions) to the band and the band selecting the production they like the best that will eventually become Live 2017. And perhaps there's so much material to work with that's causing the extended time delay - too many alternatives and going back to the drawing board as they swap song from this show for same song from another show, etc. I could see that being very time consuming as the band changes their collective mind time and time again.
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