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  1. Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)
  2. Melano means dark/black. At midnight it's dark and the sky is black. Midnight is also a song from Coldplay's Ghost Stories. Truculent
  3. No, I watch the news on TV & my phone. Do you like Imagine Dragons?
  4. Yes, twice Have you ever hated Coldplay or a member for anything? (If yes, for what?)
  5. "Hold tight for everyday life"? (Two times)
  6. People say it's "cry cry cry". Which would make sense. Just as the choir part is taken from "BrokEn". All just rumours
  7. Some people say it will be pop / E-Lo ish. While others say it's really Viva like. I didn't hear the leaks myself (and I don't want to) but you hear really different opinions depending on who you ask. I'm excited, only 9 hours left :laughing:
  8. 1 day and 21 hours left and we'll know the style of the album guys... The hardest thing right now is being patient haha
  9. Alright let's join this game :) 1. Warning sign 2. A message 3. Birds 4. See you soon 5. X Marks the Spot 6. Wish I Was Here (feat. Cat Power)
  10. What I think IF she is involved... She might just read/sing the verse featured on the posters. I don't see them going Arabic all the way...
  11. Please no :weary_face::tired_face: I'm not into that Arabic Yodeling thing... I'd rather say I hate hearing it haha
  12. Wait so this is basically Arabic singing or am I wrong? I am not a fan of that at all :joy:
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