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  1. I prefer MOTS to Ghost Stories and AHFOD. My top 5 songs from MOTS album are: 1. Coloratura 2. Human Heart 3. People Of The Pride 4. Humankind 5. Infinity Sign
  2. Couldn't disagree any more. "When I Need A Friend" and "Human Heart" are amongst the most beautiful Coldplay songs. Also "Human Heart" is Will's favorite song on the album.
  3. Coloratura and Human Heart are the best songs on the album for me. Humankind, People Of The Pride and Infinity Sign are good songs too.
  4. 🪐 - Music Of The Spheres I Higher Power Humankind ✨ - Alien Choir Let Somebody Go ❤️ - Human Heart People Of The Pride Biutyful 🌎 - Music Of The Spheres II My Universe ♾️ - Infinity Sign Coloratura
  5. It seems that the real name of the song✨ is "Alien Choir" and not "Alien Radio".
  6. Blinding Lights is a generic garbage. People talking about it like it's a decade's defining masterpice of a song like Bohemian Rhapsody or Wind Of Change.
  7. This is from "Crash Records" website: With over 100m albums sold & 30 billion streams to date, the biggest band in the world are back with this irresistible pop anthem. Produced by Max Martin, Higher Power looks set to take over the airwaves and become the soundtrack to the summer! Available digitally and as a strictly limited edition, 1-track CD single.
  8. They would be. Everything with the exception of "Road To Jordan" is free.
  9. I want them to play Trouble In Town during the future gigs. It sounded awesome during the live stream. Probably my favorite performance of the entire thing.
  10. When I Need A Friend is a fantastically beautiful piece.
  11. Sunrise > Sunset. I liked every song on Sunrise with the exception of Church.
  12. Guardian's review is pathetic to say the least.
  13. "Old Friends" reminds me of the song "Parachutes".
  14. My top 3 songs on this album are: When I Need A Friend, Champion Of The World, Trouble In Town.
  15. God Tier: AROBTH, X&Y, Viva La Vida Great: Parachutes, Mylo Xyloto, Everyday Life Very Good: Ghost Stories Good: AHFOD
  16. Is there any reason why the band stopped working with Eno?
  17. I hope the band stops working with him. I really miss Ken Nelson and Brian Eno.
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