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free ipod deal for americans?


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SO its for real then? Hmmmm


If you look at the comments that were posted from that site, they sound pretty bad. Like this one "I know several people who completed the offers, had their friends complete the offer and never got anything. Not to mention they got signed up for every mailing list in existence."


However, alot of people figured out a way around it and did get their Ipod. "At first, I too thought it was a joke, after all how many real give-aways are there?. After doing my own research.... it's true. A reliable source stated, 100 Ipods were sent out every few days. If you sign up and complete your offer, and your 5 referral's complete their offer, you have met your obligations and you should receive one. Keep in mind, achieving 5 referrals who only join, but don't complete their offer, will not validate your link. Since I signed up, I have not received any spam mail."

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Or if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can use a proxy server, start up a ton of email accounts and then just keep re-opening the proxy server pretending to be different people. The eBay one is the best by-far because you don't even need a credit card. This site gives you more information, and ways to "beat the system" http://www.bar-of-soap.com/ipod.php#inst

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