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radiohead.com - the scariest thing ever!!


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I'm stuck in a tardis trapped in hyperspace

One minute snake charming the next in a motorcase

Give me an answer, give me a clue

I've been climbing up this ladder, I've been wasting my time

Up on the ladder your'e all the fucking same

You get a little power and you just go insane

A proper litte despot your all the fucking same

Up on the ladder we sir here and wait

Up on the ladder we wait for your mistake


Just went on the radiohead website and now i need new boxers lol. I'm amased how weird that site is.




enter your nightmare, and enjoy the ride

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those are some of the lyrics to "Up On The Ladder", which is an unreleased song.


most of the words on the site are from songs they've already done, or ideas that haven't been used yet.


it's a very peculiar site indeed. navigation is a little confusing to say the least. i think it would be good if it had more of a purpose, though. :confused:

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Side note: why is being pretentious a bad thing, anyway? Of course Radiohead are pretentious. So are a lot of my favorite bands. Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, hell, even the freaking Beatles from Revolver onward. :cool:


Anyway, as far as radiohead.com: I would replace "scariest" with "most boring." It's not nearly as creepy/mysterious/"arty"/brilliantly post-modern/whatever as they wish it was. :P


And "Up on the Ladder" was a great song! I'm still mad that it didn't end up on Hail to the Thief, because I'd gladly drop most of those songs for a studio version of "Up on the Ladder" :lol:

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