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:o Guitar!


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I'm almost certain they aren't authentic signatures



This signed Guitar comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from US Trade Discount Inc. We have been a registered, bonded S-Corporation since 1992, and have full commercial liability insurance.

US Trade Discount provides a lifetime money back guarantee on authenticity to the original buyer.


Our guarantee means that if AT ANY TIME after the purchase you provide us with a written statement from a qualified forensic examiner who questions the authenticity of any autograph, we will refund the purchase price upon the return of the autographed item.


Each new U.S. Trade Discount Inc. item has filed documentation, backed by a signed affidavit, as to where and when it was obtained. Every item has a tamper-evident numbered sticker on the back. This log and inventory number, in addition to a picture of the product, is on file in our archives to prevent fraud.


i.e. there are several ways it MAY be authentic, but their guarantee proves it isn't 100% authentic. Rip off!

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