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I have a question!!


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are big pigs called different to small pigs? Like big cows are called cows and small cows should be called different......... that wasn't a good example, but in spanish you call the small cows terneros and big cows vacas (small means younger and big older)..... like chickens, hens and ..... the husband of the hens........ I don't remember the name........


well the thing is, isn't like stout or spore (I know stout is a rather fat person, but I think it sounds or looks similar) or me is just like........ wrong?

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Ah, cool, cool.

I'm pretty good myself, just killing some time before i go to bed.

I was watching the olympic games, but they bored the hell out of me, so here i am using my pc. :cool:

Maybe i should read this boring uni book so i can get sleepy and go to bed.. but meh, it is WAY too boring. fucking Franz Kafka, here's my advice: If you ever find any Franz Kafka books, burn em. :dozey:

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haha Ah, i dunno, counting sheeps got kinda old.

And whoa, lucky you, I wish i'd never heard of franz kafka. Like, the only good thing about franz kafka is his name. Like, it would be a great band name if franz ferdinand never registered their name. :idea2:


Ah well, i think i'm going to bed now, it was good to see ya again jo, take care, good night. :)

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