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Worst Cher Joke I've Heard in a While

Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

So Cher gets a new boyfriend, he's eighteen years old and Cher loves him very much. She loves him so much in fact, that she's worried she might lose him to a younger woman.


She goes to her plastic surgeon and has a talk.


'Doctor,' she says 'I've just got this new boyfriend, and he's eighteen. I want to keep him, and I need to be able to give him everything an eighteen year old girl can give him. That's why I need surgery. I need you to make my vagina exactly like an eighteen year old girls'


'Don't worry Cher.' The doctor replies. 'I have performed this kind of operation many times, we can do this quite easily'


'Good,' replies Cher. 'There's only one condition. I don't want anyone to know about this. Not the public, not the press, no-one'


The doctor explains that he his completely bound by the doctor patient confidentiality act and won't tell a soul.


So Cher goes under the knife, and the surgery goes completely to plan. The doctor sculpts a vagina so perfect it could have come from an eighteen year old virgin.


A few hours later Cher starts to wake up from the anesthetic, she's a bit drowsy but can distinctly see three get-well-soon cards at the foot of her bed.


'DOCTOR!' Cher yells out. 'What are these cards doing here? I told you I didn't want anyone to know about my operation, it's only been a few hours and already I have three cards!'


'Calm down.' The doctor replies. 'The first one is from me, you've been a patient of mine for many years, you've made me very famous, and this is just a small token of my appreciation'


'Aww, that's sweet' Says Cher. 'What about the second one?'


'The second one is from my assistant, working on you has been a great learning experience for him, and he's grateful for the opportunity to help sculpt his first vagina on someone as famous as you'


'That's nice of him, what about the third one?'


'The third one is from a guy in the clinical burn ward thanking you for his new ears.'


:o :lol:

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