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Where are you Gaby?


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Yes he was most definitely on the show. And not only is he devastatingly handsome' date=' he ALSO has a sense of humour. So I've decided that we're going to get married :sneaky: :lol: [/quote']


Nothing's better than a sense of humor. :) Invite me to your wedding please. :smug: :lol:



Gisi was on. :uhoh: :wink:

I still haven't figured out the art of ditching successfully from work. I think there isn't a way. :(

I've got lots to do.. I think I'm going to be relieved once Jan 1 comes around.. :idea2:

You're almost done with classes Gisi! Yay! Next thing.. working for a boss.. :wink3: actually you're pretty lucky that you have the option of not having one! :cool:

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