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Where are you Gaby?


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^we're both there.


Well, I think I must leave now...You now have your official thread Gaby...the where is Gaby thread? :lol:


I like it!


Have fun talking to other people who dare to come into the thread... :) All are welcome...


Bye!!! :D

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Dammmit.. whyyyyyy!!!! For the love of God whyyyy!!!

Hahaha.. For some reason I wasn't on at that time. Interesting. :confused:


Where was I?


Oh yeah, looking up some stuff for the Chicago International Film festival. Annette Bening's supposed to be doing her film thingy today. I wonder if I still can get tickets to Christopher Walken's movie. :blank:

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I love that cat.



Too bad, today I had no time to get on at that time. :(


This "Lost" show is kinda weird. :stunned:

That dude's name is Matthew Fox. I guess I saw him on party of five because I did a quick search on him and I couldn't find anything else..


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