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Hello from Thailand ; Hola!, soy de Thailand ; Thailandias!!


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I sorry if I wrote it wrong in Espanol cause I just take it for 2 month and in french for Thailandias :)


I love Coldplay and Chris Martin

I love 90's like Blur


>>I'm so sorry, If I ask you a stupid question :embarrased:


How can I display my picture under my username, I've read in FAQ that I need to contact Admin and how I cantact admin? How can I dispay my pic?



Thank you :)

Gracias :)

Merci :)

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Hello again

Hola come estas?

Salut cava? comment allez vous?


I visited here Coldplaying.com for loooooong time but I just apply for a member at Messageboard yesterday, Thank you everyone again :)


My first love with Coldplay and Brit pop , Alternative back to 2000 when I'm 11 ,I watched "Yellow" on MTV Asia (now in Thailand is MTV Thailand) I feel this is the most wonderful song ever I have listen to, and They back again in 2002 :blush: and The Scientist makes me LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Coldplay more more and more--Chris Martin is the inspiration for me, He's a perfect person :) :)

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