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dreams that really worry you??


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i had a dream last night, and it was kinda weird. well there's this kid who lives in my neighborhood, and he's a really great guy, he's really mature, and very sweet. him and my sister and i hang out sometimes, and when i see him in school, we say wave and stuff...but lately he's been looking really down, and when i smile at him, he doesn't smile back. so anyways...i had this dream last night. he was sitting in his wheelchair [he has muscular dystrophy. he can walk, but not very fast or far, and he has some trouble with stairs, and he cant run.], even though he was just sitting around, but he looked really sad like i've seen him lately. i asked him what was wrong, and at first he said nothing. then i asked him again, and he told me that he had a dream, about these people with a really huge house, and a son about 10 years old. they also had a butler, who found the kid dead in the bathroom. when he found him, he shot himself. then he said that a couple days later, he saw in the news exactly what he saw in his dream. and he said that he could have done something about it, but he didn't, and he looked even more sad than i'd ever seen him. and i really have no idea why, because it's just a dream, but its making me feel really sad.


what am i going to do?? :/

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I have some really warped dreams! :/ Last week I had a dream that I was looking after my nephew and I'd driven to the shop with him in the back in his chair but I forgot about him and was locked out of the car and I couldn't get to him and all I could hear was him screaming :( :/

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