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  1. happy birthday have a great day best wishes :)

  2. Radiohead - No Surprises My soundtrack for silly self-pitying... Oh, and Street Spirit (Fade Out), especially the last part of the song
  3. Aaaah now I'll be into them forever, because they offer both of it: Their more progressive sound and still their old sweet natural britpop stuff of A Rush Of Blood To The Head...still my favourite album, it's more simple but perfect in my opinion... I had to accept that you have to stay in progress...but when I hear songs like Sleeping Sun and this one, I'm like awwww, they've come back to their roots....
  4. I'm sorry if this has been asked before (just lazy :D) ...is it okay to print those designs not coloured but in black/white?
  5. "Please send your postcards by AIRMAIL and that you receive and attach the appropriate stickers at the post office." That was said in the guidelines above. Is it still 0,65€ then?
  6. 2. Reihe! (war knapp, leider) Quote from my boyfriend after the concert (he liked Coldplay before we went to see them, but he wasn't a big fan): "They just FORCE you to be happy" We almost burst out in tears during "Viva La Vida" and "Fix You". My b/f, too, I mean, men do not cry usually!... The 100000s of butterflies came down, it was kinda hippie-esque and felt unreal as if I had taken drugs, but it was unbelievably amazing ...and as soon after that the call "VIVA" appeared on the screen I felt like I was born again, seriously! As Chris told us in German: "Unglaublich! Unglaublich!" I t
  7. Somehow this song scares me. :D It's because of Chris' voice that's so hard to understand. Maybe that'll change, e.g. in case they play it live.
  8. I've done it today and I'm HAPPY! I've been to the concert in Munich, 2005. It was unforgettable. Now the time has come for the second one and I'm sure it'll be even better :) ( my boyfriend will be patient and wait in front of SAP arena for hours, in Munich I had a terrible sight because we were late) Hey Becky, you're from Franconia, too? Which town are you from? Greetings from Bamberg/well...the next bigger city is Nuremberg... Do you know who the support acts are? and when can we get into the arena?
  9. Coldplay Red Hot Chili Peppers The Clash The Libertines Nordic Walking Punks
  10. Haha, I remember this one with Charlotte Roche :)
  11. Prospekt sounds so cold and abstruse, or like a new album by Kraftwerk.
  12. METAAAAALLLLLLL *starts pogo and heavy headbanging*
  13. Yes, I love them. Although Matt looks scary in this picture ;)
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