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Gone but not Forgotton


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just to say a big " Hello " to everyone i know / who knows me , as i have not posted hardly on here for ages ! and just want say im still about and keeping a eye on the forum from time to time . god i can't remember the last time i did post on here it was that long !!!

it would be really nice to hear from my good friends on this forum if you get to read this post - think i may have some catching up to do !

anyway i shall check back soon to see who's replied .


ps - hi to ian who i managed to get a quick chat with today on msn , was good to hear from you mate ;)


cya all soon Chris


Radi0ed - HTTT :sneaky:

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Hi guys thanks for replys especaily to those i know ...........


Simon , Laura , fifi , jo love ........... and also to jeff gordon & mafe who i dont know !

yes its been a while since i was last on here but shall be returning more often

thanks again catch you soon



HTTT :sneaky:

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