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Monitor headphone socket help


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The monitor for my computer has a microphone and earphone sockets but when I go to use them it doesn't work. I can't hear anything and don't know how to install it either. I mean yeah I can plug just as easily plug them in the back but the earphone cord is only 1.5 metres and is really short.


Can anyone help me? :)

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you could always get some with a longer cable for starters


but go into control panel and look at the speaker settings and moniter setting. look around on there and you should find something


also do the speakers need to powered themselves or does the moniter do it for them

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Oh wow, I'm in your signature! :blush:


Anyways, the monitor should power the earphones, I hope there is a picture on the net so I can show you what I'm talking about...


I don't want to screw up the settings if I go looking around the control panel, I get in trouble that way :lol:

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