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  1. Hey, Can anyone help me? I have been searching the 'net for ages trying to find a basic paint shop pro or adobe photoshop program to download that isn't a trial or a bugged one...if you downloaded yours can you give me any tips as to where to get mine? Thanks...
  2. I have to scan a couple of things from rolling stone of them for this thread soon...Australian rolling stone that is.
  3. Yah, loverly eyes.... :) Don't you just want to pat his tummy?! Hehehehe, Ok I should stop now :D
  4. I know! :blush: I just wanna hug him soooooooo bad.... :cry: :embarrased: I like that one 'cause I don't know why Paul was sad! Hey, do you like 'Le Beard'? *thumbsdown from me*
  5. A 7.9, I am not much a fan of his looks but he has a nice voice...
  6. Yeah, your clean outfit kind of stinks afterwards, I do kind of feel sorry for smokers who try to quit but not to ones who sue cigarette companies.
  7. You better not mean the cat, chinchilla :cry:
  8. ^ I stole that one so, shhh! :sneaky: Don't wake the baby :baby: Sorry to make it into a Bob Thread but I want to convert you Nick fan-girlies to Bob-a-holics! :sneaky: :D
  9. Aren't you guys lucky? Bob for Fiona and Nick for the rest of you guys! :) How cute! I haven't heard any new material yet... :confused:
  10. That's ok Fiona, I have more... :) :blush: Looks like there are alot of Nick fans... :P
  11. Hey! Have I been missing one each week then?! I watch the one on ABC, when is the other episode on?
  12. Does anyone else like this show? It's a 12 part series, at about 80 minutes each. We are currently up to about episode 6 or 7, Series 1 and Series 2 is underway soon in the US. Dark, thought provoking, in-depth characters are some words to describe this show. ;) My favourite characters are Ben, Sophie and Samson.
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