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Dave's World of Bizarre: Volume 1

Guest DavidG

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DURHAM, England - What is with these couples giving them-

selves unwanted attention while in the throes of passion?

First, it was the pair who sent their car over a cliff. Now,

two British lovers alerted emergency officials when they

rolled onto their phone and unknowingly dialed police. All

Durham emergency officials on the other end of the line

could hear was a woman who sounded distressed and a manΒ΄s

voice in the background. So police traced the call and

rushed to the home -- where they found the disheveled couple,

obviously not in any trouble. They had rolled on top of the

phone, which was on the floor, and accidentally dialed the

nine button three times, which is the equivalent of dialing

911. "They were rather surprised and not a little flustered

to find uniformed police on the doorstep," a police spokes-

man said.


:lol: now that is unfortunate...

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