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so this english teacher is going to correct my syntax... well,...that pretty good because I do must admit it's been quite long time since I have practice my english, so wellcome !!! hello, first of all, I'm better known as Morrig@n, thou I don't know if I like it anymore, but I't nice, I'm Joyce's friend and she introduced me to everyone she knows...I'm mexican too..... and I'm also a teacher, so... we do have something in common after all.... but not age, not the place we live in and certaintly not the gender,..jajajaja...not sir!!!

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k&H?!?!?.....ahahaha...international is for you know internacional fellas....LEa is cuñao mixed with shakira!...CuñAakira!... :lol: ...she´s the one from france...tu peux practiquer ton francais avec elle!!.... :cool: ...there is a thread...bonjour!... :)

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