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No Santa this year in Many Shops

Guest DavidG

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This is such a sign of the times:


Not one shop on Oxford Street is having a Santa`s grotto this year. Instead many are using pop stars and celebrities to promote their xmas products!


Reasons given for the lack of a Santa :


Parents don`t like the idea of children sitting on a strangers lap

Parents dont have time to queue for a grotto



Obviously stores are abandoning the idea of Xmas for blatant rampant commercialism! Madness :lol:

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heeey does this mean if now celebreties are pushing xmas, that I can sit on Beyonce's lap? :lol:


guess what i'll be asking her for Christmas :lol:

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uhhhhhhhhhh no good! :angry:

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I know, close the window and load the page back again...


that XML message will go away then..trust me...do it :stunned:


ps, when that XML message comes up, the post is still posted.....so when you press retry it just posts it again :D

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