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Tanith' & my jubilee!!!


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yeah ladies & gentleman! Almost one year ago, on December 6th 2003, Tanith & I joined this board!


In this time, I had such a great time, times of being addicted and of serious and senseless talks with some of the coolest persons of the world - Coldplay fans - people I could never find in my real life. I made many friends:

Ali, Lauren, Mafe, Ari, Brian, Reilly, Joy, Ale, Daryl, Gab, Lotta, Jack, Carla, Mimi, Eva, Ren, Denise, Kyle, Jeff, Dave, Eric.....*insert forgotten ones* and of cors Tanith!


So I thank you all ppl! :kiss: Especially Ian for making the best place online ever! So hey ho let's go for the next year... :cool:

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