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Guy's Gyal

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:lol: you gotta stay! :P dont leaaaaaave again :P


Oh G-man, you havent changed a bit :P Still up to your old tricks? Telling jokes and stuff?


of course, except now IM also know as Captain Charisma Cool, have a huge massive thread :lol:, almost at 10,000 and have made 2 Albie Flash Videos :lol:

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yeaaaaaaaaah mate, its freaky how much you've missed...but everyone says I have quick hands at home and at Uni and haha, I scare people with my typing speed :lol:


thats why I can do this so often and still do other things (eg. have a lfie :lol: )


these are for you


Albie Flash 2


Albie Flash 1


you will laugh your ass off I promise you :lol:

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