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So I'm drinking tea....


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ohh interesting...I´ve already tried tea with milk, but it was soy milk...I only can drink this one... :/ But it´s good!


I love tea, sometimes I drink it without sugar. My favourite tastes are mint, strawberry and camomila.

Lately, I´ve been drinking a lot of iced tea, ´cos it´s been really hot here...

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the worst thing england has to offer to the world is bloody tea with bloody milk! YUK! it spoiles the taste of tea!!! how can you drink someffin like that.


*calms down*


i drink herbal teas: peppermint, lemon, cactus (which is my fav) with 2 sugars and green tea with no sugar (brew it for less than 3 minutes or else it`s gonna get really sour).


i hardly ever drink coffee but if i do i drink either:

1. black coffee with 2 sugars

2. half coffee/half milk + 2 sugars



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