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Eric Cantona...My (football) Hero!


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this is totally random but this man was my hero when i was younger... :lol:


Feel free to add your own heroes to this thread :)


i was soooo DEVESTATED when he left man united... it hasn't been the same since cantona andschmeichel left :stunned:

anyhoo, i was just feeling a bit nostalgic, so here is a fantabulous picture for all the manchester united fans out there :D




^^ he didn't even touch the grass! he was magical :smug:

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He was mine too Hayley! My brother used to actually make me learn all the man u players when I was younger :lol: and cantona was my favourite, firstly for his name (I was only young! :lol: ) But he was an amazing footballer! :cool:

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woohoo another recruit :D


I sent away to Man Utd for ... well I actually can't remember why I wrote to them :inquisitive: but I got a signed sheet with ALL the autographs of the players when I was 10 years old :cool:


I was the envy of my whole school for about... a week :smug:

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