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Do you celebrate Chinese New Year in your country?


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Well, its gonna hit us this coming Wednesday.


We have a 2-day holiday here in Singapore, and most of us students are

gonna skip class on friday - so school's out till next monday! (not to mention

that this Tuesday is officially declared a "half-day" where everyone only

works till lunchtime :D )


Do you celebrate it in your country?

How is it celebrated?


ah, of course, to all who can read chinese in this community:



which roughly means...

may you win the lottery, may all your wishes come true (all 10,000 of 'em), wishing you good health, and a vigorous and exuberant spirit (of dragons and horses)


... my... it sounds so weird in english... hahahahaha...

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same than in Brazil; some people celebrate it, but it's not an official thing.

The goverment offers a dinner to the Chinese community and there are chinese neighbourhoods, so they do stuff but not non workign days or so.


You do get free days for the Jewish New year, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and you also get permission for Ramalah and that's it. No more special permission (without counting all the Catholics religious feasts)

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chinese new year is called the Spring Festival! in chinese its the most festival during one year! we have a seven-days holiday in the chinese new year. we chinese celebrate the coming spring when the last day of the chinese calendar. on that day, every one of one family must go home and we eat dumplings toghter! enjoy every minute with families. in china, family is very important!

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